Announcing My New Novella; “Derek”

So you are hearing about it here first. This December my new novella, “Derek,” will be released. And guess what? It will be FREE.

And it’s not a short story either. I don’t know just what the page count will be since I haven’t seen the galley yet, but it’s a good length. It is an original story, introducing two new characters. But also you will see cameo appearances by a number of characters from previous stories. I feel very honored that Dreamspinner Press is willing to do this. In fact they’ve been more than willing. They’ve done what any publisher does when presented with a manuscript, including multiple edits, layouts and more.

And part of that “more” is the cover, which was done by Paul Richmond. But what really excites me is that this is more step in my MM career. I designed the cover! And what really makes it shine is the excellent and amazing photography of Dave Suntown, who graciously licenced the picture to me for my use.

Upon seeing the model I was stunned at how much he was the man I had envisioned in my mind. OMG! I thought. That’s Derek!

So here it is! The cover of “Derek,” to be released this December as my gift, and Dreamspinner Press’s gift, to you! I hope you enjoy!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays (early),
BG Thomas

Hey! You can find Dave Suntown’s blog by clicking RIGHT HERE
And you can find his Facebook page by clicking RIGHT HERE

He’s a wonderful photographer with work ranging from the sweet to the deeply erotic, depending on your taste! Enjoy!


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