GayRomLit 2014 – Post the First

10620531_692589937497508_2874310434462186729_n  2

So I’m here, in the hotel and I’m the first. J.P. Barnaby was sweet and came and picked me up from O’Hare Airport. Thanks, JP! I love you!

The hotel is stunningly gorgeous. I can hardly believe how beautiful. It really is a resort.

I can’t believe the room. Even the ceiling is lovely. I think it’s prettier than the room my R and I had when we went to Baltimore to get married. The view there was much better, but wow! I wish he was here with me. We could have so much fun.

Sadly, it’s raining. There was a chance a group of us were going to go to Boy’s Town, the gay section of Chicago. It’s their Catro basically. And it’s where I came out. Where I went to my very first gay bar. Danced for the first time with a man. Found porn! LOL! Remember, that was before in Internet. I couldn’t believe the stuff I found.

Tomorrow is workshops all day and I won’t be doing that. Instead I’ll hang and write and maybe get a massage. Also, a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in something like tweny-years is coming and if it isn’t pouring, she will take me to Boy’s Town. She’s such a lovely lady and I am terribly excited to get to see her after all this time.

The attendees are trickling in. I’ve seen Joyfully Jay and Eden Winters and Charlie Cochet and of course JP Barnabt and more besides, my brain just isn’t working the best right now!

There is so much scheduled and I can hardly wait. Author Q&As, book readings, panels with names like “Why We Love Our Shifters,” *Who Wants to Be An Adult Anyway,” “When You Simply Can’t Have Just One” (I wonder what that’s about?) and more. There will be a caseno and a coustemed ball and and and and!!! There are even after hours parties. So much fun!

It is nice being here early though, so I can just hang before plunging into everything.

But it is going to be a grand time.

If you’re here, make sure to come give me a hug!

Peace and Love!
BG Thomas

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