So It’s Late and I Am Mostly Packed For GayRomLit 2014

The nerves have finally hit. I have a novel I wanted to have finished tonight and nope, not going to happen. Perhaps I won’t be partying my ass off tomorrow and I will finish when I get to Chicago?

I doubt it, but who knows?

I love this book but I am so tired that the last two pages I’ve written suck. They need to go. I am just too tired. I have written 30 thousand words in the last week and a half. I am on fire and loving it and you are going to love it too! I promise.

And I am so excited about GayRomLit this year. I am going to be a featured writer! I will have a reading (and I still don’t know what I’m reading from! I can’t pick!). And this year, instead of going from table to table to get autographs…I will be sitting there giving autographs. Me! Giving autographs! I can scarcely believe it.

Will anyone want my autograph?

And then there are the friendships! I have made such good friends and I haven’t seen many of them in a year. Hell! Some of these people live halfway across the world! Like the two sweethearts in these pictures? That’s Thora Kristjansdottir and Erica Pike (from Iceland!) and OMG! I LOVE THEM! They are so sweet and they get me drunk of Icelandic vodka. It tastes like anise and it isn’t easy to drink but oh my goodness–WHAM! When it hits your stomach, look out! We were hanging out in this parking garage at well after midnight and I felt like I was in high school–but doing tihngs I never got to do.

See, these people have become family. My fellow writers and the fans? Why, they’re the ones that raised three thousand dollars so that I could get legally married to my husband this summer! They are friends! They are family.

I am like on of the luckiest guys in the world. It’s a fantasy life. And I love it.

So please, if your going to be at GRL, say hi, give me a hug, and lets chat. I can’t wait!

BG Thomas


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