AMAZING! I Just Finished My Seventh Novel At GayRomLit!!!!


OMG! Guess What I JUST Did?

Even though I am at The Gay Rom Lit Retreat and wanting to run around and aave fun–I spent A TON of time in the last two aays IN MY ROOM WRITING!

I just hit the “Send” button! I have FINISHED a novel AT GayRomLit! I just sent the manuscript to “Autumn Changes”–the third book in the “Seasons of Love Series” to Dreamspinner Press!

Huzzah! I am SO excited! HURRAY!

So some time early next year you will have the third Seasons of Love book!

Okay! NOW it is time to party! And here at ten o’clock central time until midnight, HERE–in my room–Write on the Edge–Live At GRL–a live blogcast! Featuring MM authors from all over the world–literally.–live-at-grl-2014 is the link!

Check it out!

Tomorrow there will be more pictures and reports on what has been happening at GayRomLit!

BG Thomas

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