I Am Proud to Announce the Release of “Christmas Cole” on Audiobook

I am so pleased to announce that “Christmas Cole” is now available on Audiobook. I am so honored by this. Dreamspinner Press chose to release three of my Christmas stories this year. Three! That is amazing.

I am so proud of this story. It deals with issues that in a way I’ve dealt with all my life, and was not easy to write. I put myself very much into this story. You’ll have to read or listen to understand because you won’t know what it is in the description below.

It’s the right price my friends and would make an excellent Christmas present!

Love and Light to you during this Holiday season that we are entering. Whatever your beliefs.


!!! ON SALE NOW !!!

Javier Torres was a sweet, plump, and very unpopular child. But over the years, he turned himself into a gorgeous gym god. The problem is he’s also become an egotistical snob. But one day his arrogance pisses off the wrong little old lady, and he wakes up to find that, like the Prince in Beauty and the Beast, he’s been transformed into something from his personal nightmares. Javier has nowhere to go but back home, where to his surprise, he is greeted with open arms, not just by the family he remembers, but by his new brother-in-law, Cole. Cole suspects there might be a pretty heart to go with the pretty face locked inside that new body, but has Javier learned enough to earn Cole—instead of coal—for Christmas?

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