Sensual Reads Reviews “Spring Affair”

You know it’s really wonderful when someone “gets” a book. You work very hard at creating something that is truth and entertainment. And when a reader gets it, there really can’t be a better feeling. And that’s just what happened with this review by Kimberley Spinney over at Sensual Reads. I am just glowing. Just take a look.

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Spring Affair by B.G. Thomas is the first book in a new series about a group of friends as they look for or find someone that will love them for all of their quirks. The series starts by introducing readers to the friends and giving a brief introduction into who each character is and what their personality is like. From there we also get to see how these different personalities all seem to mesh together to form a type of family that just works together cohesively. Even with their differences and some misunderstandings between them, the friends are their for each other and just seem to work as a cohesive unit. Together, these friends are the backbone and support that really allows this story to take flight.

Sloan is going through a rough patch, his mother whom he adored has passed away and he is living in her home with the beautiful garden that she always cherished. He doesn’t know if he should sell the house or not and he is not even sure if he can keep up the garden that was his mother’s pride and joy. Plus he is in love. Unfortunately, he is in love with one of his best friend’s Asher. Sadly Asher does not feel the same way and it is tearing Sloan apart as he deals with the loss of his mother as well as his unrequited love.

Max is Sloan’s neighbor. He is married to an ambitious woman who wants to move the family to France. Max is a college professor and loves his job and home. When he finds out his 14 year old son is gay and willing to admit it to anyone, it throws Max off his game. While Max fully supports his son, it makes him reconsider a few things about himself. When Max’s wife goes to France on a business trip for two months, Sloan and Max start to interact with each other and soon the two are growing closer together. As their friendship grows, Sloan finds himself falling for another unavailable man and yet Max is starting to rediscover things about himself he long thought buried. Sometimes love can develop when one least expects it and if one is willing to be honest and open to change, what can come is well worth the struggles.

Spring Affair had so many amazing moments. There was humor and poignancy throughout the story. Meeting Sloan’s friends and getting to know them sets up the future stories in the series brilliantly. It is hard to imagine not wanting to buy the next book to see who is going to get their story next and how they will find their own chance at love.

Star Rating: 4 Stars

Sensuality Rating: Sizzling

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