Two Awesome Reviews of Two Of My Audio Books!

So I am home from work sick today and was feeling mopey and yucky and then I get notifications for two of my audio books. And both of them are fantastic! What a great turn of events. They sure put a smile on my face! Just check these out….

Smoocher's Voice

The first review is for the audio of “Bianca’s Plan.” It was done by Stacia Aurore Rose at Smoocher’s Voice. Thank you, Stacia! You can find the original review by clicking Right Here or check out Smoocher’s Voice review blog by clicking Right Here.


Bianca worries that her daddy, Gavin, is lonely and decides he needs a boyfriend for Christmas. So she enlists her father’s best friend, the straight and unattached Curtis. Gavin has a Christmas wish, too, and Curtis setting him up on disastrous dates isn’t part of it! Meanwhile, Curtis finds life becoming complicated as he tries to please Bianca, make Gavin happy, and fend off his own unexpected mixed feelings. Will anyone’s wish come true?

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2012 Advent Calendar package “Evergreen”.


Paul Morey is one of my favorite narrators. His deep rich voice makes the book a pleasant listen. He does very well with the different voices and styles. Paul reads clearly and at a comfortable pace.

Now on to the story of “Bianca’s Plan.” It was a sweet little story. Bianca is a ten year old girl whose plan was to get her daddy a boyfriend for Christmas. She had asked Santa for help but Santa cannot grant wishes that deal with matters of the heart. I’m not sure what I think about that part. It’s part of the story of why she had to do it herself, but my question is why does a ten year old still believe in Santa? On the other hand I still believe in the magic of Christmas. Anyway, Bianca’s character is written very well. She’d make a great Yenta which is a Jewish matchmaker. The girl is sneaky though, she has something up her sleeve and in the end no one knows what hit them while she looks smug.

Bianca cons her daddy’s best friend, Curtis into helping her. Curtis loves that little girl as she was his own so he really couldn’t tell her no. He half-heartedly helps Bianca with what he thinks is her plan. Curtis knows it will lead to disaster or reveal something he himself doesn’t even know or want to acknowledge. I loved Curtis’ character, between trying to do the right thing for his best friend and Bianca and himself, half the time he doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going.

The heart of the story is Gavin, it is he who needs the boyfriend according to his daughter. Gavin doesn’t want to be set up on blind dates but when situations present themselves he is given a little push. Thinking he might as well, since the one Gavin does want, is straight. He has to try and get over him at some point. “The course of true love never did run smooth.”

Overall this is a terrific listen. Paul Morey did a fantastic job telling the sweet story that B.g. Thomas so wonderfully wrote.

Rating: Five Smooches

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The Novel Approach

The second review was for “Grumble Monkey and the Department Store Elf” by Kim over at The Novel Approach. You can find the original review by clicking Right Here or check out The Novel Approach review blog by clicking Right Here.


Kit Jefferies, a part-time department store Christmas elf, is an artist who loves life and his family. Unfortunately, his car dies at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere as he is heading home for Christmas. Enter Nick St. George.

Nick is a very unhappy man—he’s achieved his professional goals only to find the rest of his life bleak and empty. Deciding there was only one way to make everything right, he is on his way to San Francisco on a dark mission, and even the horrible sleet storm that blocked his path won’t deter him. That’s when he found Kit.

At first, Nick is pretty sure rescuing Kit was a big mistake. Kit’s personality is just too, well, effervescent. But as the miles go by, Kit begins to bring light to his dark heart. It might even be bright enough to illuminate a Christmas miracle.

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2013 Advent Calendar package “Heartwarming”.


While driving to his destination through a sleet storm, Nick St. George is about to come to a crossroad in his life, Kit Jefferies. Kit is everything Nick isn’t, they’re complete opposites, but the good news is Kit’s enthusiasm for life is rubbing off on Nick—whether he likes it or not.

For me, there are way too many people who are contemplating what Nick is considering a permanent solution to a temporary problem during the holiday season, or any other time of his life. It does get better, though, if one is willing to give it a chance.

I fell in love with this story about a year ago when I first read it, so naturally, being an audible lover, I just had to have it in my collection. Donald Tursman did a great job narrating Grumble Monkey and the Department Store Elf, and I loved how he brought the story to life. It’s cute, funny, and well worth the time to give it a try. This book earns a 5 Star rating, as either a read or listen!

Rating: Five Stars

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Thanks to Smoocher’s Voice and The Novel Approach for such wonderful reviews. You support means the world to me!


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