Bobby Jo Valentine Live!

So about a year ago I was introduced to the stunning and amazing music of Bobby Jo Valentine. I was blown away. He has a unique voice, his lyrics are powerful, and he is beautiful. The song I heard that song morning movied me deeply and resonated deep in my soul. I wanted to hear more.

There were promises that he would come to Kansas City one day and this morning it finally happened. Still recoving from this gosh-darned cold and I was tempted to stay home. Thank goodness I didn’t or I would have missed seeing and hearing Bobby Jo Valentine live! Wow!

Just check these lyrics to one of his songs….


This is my room and it’s robin’s egg blue
And it’s got a few cracks in the ceiling
This is my street where the minutemen meet and dad says that I’ll never be leaving
I’m ten years old but I know how to smoke
and the drinks help to cure the bad feelings
This is my home and the sticks and the stones
are made up of the darkest of things

But in my dreams I can fly
and I soar
and my feet touch the sky
and it seems I can go anywhere if I try
And the world’s not so dark
when the clouds make it white
If there’s no hope, tell me why….
In my dreams I can fly

Bobby Jo blew me away, just as I knew he would–but even more tha I had expected.

And he was so sweet! When I bought a couple of his CD’s he threw his arms around me and gave me a big hug and my heart just swelled. What an amazing man so filled with love.

He was raised in a very strict religion and when he knew, in his early twenties, that he would have to leave his family’s church and all his religious friends, he did so with a heavy heart. He knew his friends would not longer be allowed to talk to him any longer.

Imagine! He knew they wouldn’t be allowed to talk to him anymore! And so he wrote them this song as a goodbye….

Last Song

Time’s moving on, I don’t belong
This might be the last song from me you’ll hear
Before I go, I thought you should know
A few of the things in my heart I hold dear

You are a treasure and wealth is a measure
only decided by what you believe.
Go where you heart goes
All ground is hallowed
And you are not shallow for chasing your dreams

Dance with the dancers
Question the answers
Laugh lots of laughter
But cry lots of tears
Be who you are
Right from the start
And don’t give your heart to the cancer called fear

Here is just a bit of his website bio:

The story of Bobby Jo Valentine is a rare one: it’s about vulnerability and courage, raw talent and hard work. With truly transcendent lyrics and a voice that touches the soul, Bobby captures the heart of audiences across the country. His songs — all based on highly personal experiences — contain nuggets of pure gold, resonating and reaching to the listener, no matter their walk of life.

Bursting with energy, realistic optimism and filled with uplifting, honest messages about hope and life’s struggles, Bobby Jo continues to gather new listeners with every live performance. “Armed with just a guitar and ukulele, Bobby aims straight for the heart.” -Bruce Kaplan, Folk Unlimited

Bobby Jo lives 30 miles north of San Francisco with his partner, and travels around the nation for 15-20 shows each month, developing a loyal following with warm, inviting melodies and lyrics filled with depth and hope.

The world is changing my friends. More and more people are believing there is more to life than rules and regulations and old ways that no longer work. My goodness…I am married! Legally married–to a man! And it is because more and more of us are believing! Believing in more. And it is people like Bobby Jo who are spreading that message. He could have chosen a different path. He could have been bitter and cold. Instead he rose up and spread hope. It was an amazing privledge to be entertained by Bobby Jo this morning and I wait to the day that I get to hear an entire concert!

Love and Light to You Bobby Jo!

Want to hear “Fly?” Glad you asked! Here is his official video on YouTube:

My friends, I hope you will check out his website. You can find him by clicking Right Here. And you can find his Facebook page by clicking Right Here

Peace and love to you all on this cold Sunday morning!
BG Thomas



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