Magnet Monday


Okay… A few days ago I shared on my Facebook page that I collect refrigerator magnets and I have tons of them. It used to be that people/friends always brought me one whenever they went on trips and I loved it. Now I pretty much say no (if it is a location magnet) because I want my collection to be a record of places or shows that I have actually seen or gone to. I do enjoy funny ones or meaningful ones though…

So in honor of something new I am trying….

The first magnet is Baltimore. Anyone know why? Can you guess?

I’ll tell you. It is because it is where R and I got married this past June! Legally married of course. And so many of you helped make that happen. So I moved things around and put this one right on top. So I see it every time I open that door. It makes me actually feel this gold ring on my hand.

R is far from perfect. But he’s perfect for me….


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