So Happy to Announce a New Story Written!

ghost by clarita

So late last night–and I mean late–I finished another story that I am calling Salvage. I am pretty excited by it. It is a departure from most of my fiction, but a return to my fiction roots.

I fell in love with fiction when I was a kid through stories of space ships, time travelers, voyages beneath the sea (including attacks by giant sea creatures), vampires and werewolves. I always kind of wanted to be a horror writer. My favorite writer is Stephen King–and it’s because he writes the best kind of scary books (at least as far as I’m concerned). The stories where the good guy usually wins. Yes there was the shocking death in Cujo and I won’t even mention Pet Sematary. But usually our hero wins–and sometimes there’s a love story in there as well.

Dreamspinner Press released an amazing anthology called Stitch. It’s part of a series called Gothika, and the first volume presented Frankenstein inspired stories by Sue Brown, Eli Easton, Kim Fielding and Jamie Fessenden. These are all wonderful writers.

Then to my surprise–I really was so excited I could hardly form words–the team asked me if I wanted to join!

I did. I wrote my first “horror story” in years, Uninvited, for the second volume, Bones–this one stories about voodoo. It was an amazing (and scary) experience. “Coincidentally” (and guess what I think about “coincidence?”) a real voodoo shop with real practitioners of the religion opened a mere mile or two from my house. I went in and the proprietors where thrilled to let me interview them and tell me the truth about their beliefs. It’s not what you think–no brain eating zombies or human sacrifice. Yet it is still…dark…and I think I’ll just skip to my spiritual beliefs instead!

When the book came out I was quite amused by the reviews. Comments like “This is the creepiest of the stories, I was a little icked out!” and they didn’t finish because it was dark and not “steamy” enough didn’t bother me in the least (especially when there were plenty of readers who liked it a lot).

The whole point as what the reasons some people didn’t like it meant I had done just what I was wanting. Writing to the genre of my roots. It meant I could do it!

Now I am betting they will have a whole new reaction to my new story, Salvage, which will be for the forth volume of Gothika entitled Spirit. This one is all about ghosts. This one has the steam (*fans self*) that some people were looking for in Uninvited.It’s creepy and romantic and it takes a story element some readers don’t care for and treats it in a very sympathic way. I think I will win them over.

I am especially happy that I will make it into Spirit since I didn’t make it into Claw, the werewolf volume. I had the story. I even had it half done. But with tons and tons of overtime and a getting married and other stuff (including a novel deadline for a series growing in popularity!) I couldn’t make the deadline!

The icing on the cake for this story is that even though I didn’t finish until around one in the morning and that I have to work today–I don’t have to be in until 9:30! I got plenty of sleep and even had time to write my 365 Days of Silver before work!

Not too bad!

And not to brush my teeth and off to work!

B.G. Thomas


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