I Am Very Pleased to Announce the Release of My New Novella; “Until I Found You”

I put a lot of heart, and just a tad less angst than usual, into this feel good story. And yes, since I wrote it there is a little angst! LOL! But I wanted to write something to make readers happy. I hope I’ve done a good job.

Here is the blurb;

Christopher Morin is unlucky in love. The only male worth anything in his life is his sweet dog Frost. Christopher is devastated when, shortly after his breakup with the worst boyfriend ever, his dog vanishes without a trace.

Doyle Schilbrack was lucky at love, until his wonderful partner of many years passed away, leaving Doyle lost and lonely. The solution? He adopts a sad little abandoned dog, a dog he names Jack. Together, man and dog come back to life.

Then one day, a year later, Christopher encounters Doyle in a park—walking his dog! Now the two men are faced with a dilemma. They want to do what is best for their dog, but it will break their hearts to let him go.

But then a rambunctious white Pomeranian takes matters in his own paws. There might be a way for both men to keep the dog, and find something else that’s been missing from their lives.

You can find the story from Dreamspinner Press by clicking RIGHT HERE.

There has already been an very nice review by Sandra Harden over at My Fiction Nook (click here). Check it out!

Until I Found You, is a part of Dreamspinner Press’s Daily Dose package “Never Too Late.” There’s something to be said for maturity and experience, whether it’s a second chance at love, a May/December romance, or finding a soul mate later in life. These stories prove that it’s never too late for new love.

You find authors like Clare London, Andrew Grey, Kim Fielding and many more.

Summer reading fun! More than 360,000 words of romantic fiction in 30 stories that would sell individually for a total $87.70. However today you can get all of these stories for only $64.99, which is a pretty amazing deal.

You can find the whole package by clicking RIGHT HERE .

I know you’ll enjoy!

B.G. Thomas

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