Celebrating Five Years as a Published Author With Dreamspinner Press!


So this week there is a big celebration going on over at Dreamspinner Press celebrating my five years as a published author. It seems hard to believe that it was five years ago that DSP presented my very first story Soul of the Mummy. Five years! Wow!

Five years since I wrote that novella about two lonely men, separated by thousands of years, who through mystical means cross the sands of time to find love. Meanwhile there are all kinds of mysterious things going on as well. So proud of that story!

In that time I’ve published seven novels with DSP as well as numerous novellas and short stories. It’s like a lifetimes’s worth of stories exploded out of me. I slowed down a little in the last six months but the dam is cracking and the words are starting to splash out once again! Sometime soon I will have the fourth novel in the Seasons of Love series done!

So right now, Friday, Saturday and Sunday–June 5th, 6th and 7th–Dreamspinner Press is offering three of my stories, Soul of the Mummy, All Alone in a Sea of Romance (my first novel–and if you like romantic comedies I think you will love it) and All Alone in a Sea of Romance for only 99 cents! Three days only! Don’t miss this! Just click RIGHT HERE and you will see the banner for the sale.

Then starting on Monday there will be another big surprise as well. So miss it not!

And thank you all for continuing to read my books! The day is getting closer and closer when I can quit my Evil Day Job and write full time! I owe it all to you!

B.G. Thomas


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