Dreamspinner Press Continues It’s Celebration of B.G. Thomas as a Dreamspinner!


And now I can reveal it! To continue the celebration of me being a writer, Dreamspinner Press is offering all of my books for 30% off! From today until Friday night everything I have written for DSP, including paperbacks, is on sale.

I am just so excited about this. Now is the time if you’ve ever been holding off on anything that I’ve written. Maybe you love contemporaries and not so much into time-travel stories. Well for 30% off, wouldn’t now be the time to try It Had to Be You? Maybe you’re not usually into paranormal romance, but if you’re even tempted this would be the time to buy Soul of the Mummy. It’s very sexy and very romantic. Maybe you’ve got everything except the short stories I’ve written that have appeared in anthologies and you didn’t know if you wanted to buy a whole book for one story? Well now is that time. Did you know that Tommy from All Alone In A Sea of Romance makes his first appearance (while he is single) in the anthology Riding Double? Check it out. 30% off!

So take advantage of the sale. Pass on the word. Let your friends know.

You can find the whole list by CLICKING HERE!

And most of all, thank you, thank you, thank you for always reading my books. You’re the wind beneath my wings.

B.G. Thomas


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