Daddy B ~~ I Want a Bear!

I Want a Bear 1
Oh, this is just awesome! And pretty fun too! Thanks to Renae Kaye for letting me in on this. Don’t know how I didn’t know about it. One more step for the awesome bear movement!

Daddy B has done this fun, sexy, silly, cute, naughty video and I like it. A lot. I love the opening lyrics….

Okay–Stop right there!
You know what?
You keep pointing out every
Tweezed, plucked, shaved, skinny wanna be muscle boy
Who walks by and I’m through
You want to know what kind of M-A-N makes me H-O-T?
I want a bear!

Hurray for the bears!

And yes, it’s a little silly…I said that. It’s also sexy as hell. Check it out below!

And if you liked it at all I hope you head over and download it. It’s free, but you can also make a donation–any amount, whatever you see fit. It doesn’t have to be much, but it will help to offset the some $8,000 Daddy B spent in making this happen. I donated!

Go right here to download the song, and donate if you wish…. I hope you will. We all need to support artists!

I want a bear / a daddy, a cub / a furry body that’s all mine to rub / I want a bear / blue collar and able / to cook dinner/ then do me on the table! Woof!”

Hey Daddy B! Gentle Ben is a big fan of yours!

B.G. Thomas

I Want a Bear 2

I Want a Bear 3

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