Oh Happy Day! (or weekend) John Inman is On Sale (or at least some of his books are!)!

So remember when, a month or so ago, three of my novels were on sale all weekend for only 99¢ a piece? And then a week or two later it was E.M. Lynley who had the same deal?

Well for this weekend John Inman has three books on Dreamspinner’s 99¢ weekend. I’m so excited! And, fate was with me, all three were titles I miraculously didn’t already have! Needless to say I scooped them up. And you should do the same! Mr. Inman is an amazing writer.

Just look at these titles…!


When Tyler Powell’s life is torn apart by an unspeakable crime, the need for vengeance takes over. Every moment of every day, as he tries to pull his shattered existence together again, it’s all he can think about—revenge.

Will he give in to his rage and become the very thing he hates most? A killer?

Only with the help of Homicide Detective Christian Martin, the cop in charge of his case, does Tyler see the possibility of another life beginning—the astounding revelation of another love reaching out to him. A love he thought he would never know again.
Will he let that love into his life, or is he lost already? Is payback more important to Tyler than his own happiness? And the happiness of the man who loves him? Tyler is determined to find a way to exact his revenge without sacrificing all hope for a future with Christian, but it will be difficult—if not impossible—and in the end he might be forced to make an unbearable choice.

Find “Payback” by clicking right here!


Sean Andros is tired—tired of hustling, tired of trying to make the rent, tired of running from his past.

But the past can chase you down in a heartbeat. Suddenly Sean’s living a nightmare again and casualties are stacking up around him. The only person he can trust is Harry, a man twice his age and the closest thing to a fiend Sean has ever known. Harry Connors has loved Sean since their first night together, and now, with danger hard at their heels, Harry will do anything to protect the tough, strangely vulnerable young man who begs him for help.

Harry had better be serious about offering protection, though, because the demons threatening Sean’s life are no joke. Only a hard winter rain will wash away the evil that drove Sean Andros to the streets, and Sean and Harry are going to have to be strong if they plan on sticking around for the sun.

Find “A Hard Winter Rain” by clicking right here!


At twenty-six, Gordon Stafford figures his days are numbered. At least he hopes they are. Wearied by guilt and regret stemming from a horrific automobile accident two years earlier in which a man was killed, Gordon wakes up every morning with thoughts of suicide. While the law puts Gordon to work atoning for his sins, personal redemption is far harder to come by.

Then Squirt—a simple homeless man with his own crosses to bear—saves Gordon from a terrible fate. Overnight, Gordon finds not only a new light to follow, and maybe even a purpose to his life, but also the possibility of love waiting at the end of the tunnel.

Gordon never imagined he’d discover a way to forgive himself, and in doing so, open his heart enough to gain acceptance and love—from the very person he hurt the most.

Find “Head-On” by clicking right here!

I am doing cartwheels here! Bought all three last night and starting reading A Hard Winter’s Rain on my breaks at work (instead of writing! He!) and I am telling you this man can write. Of course I figured that our reading Serenading Stanley, but that is beside the point.

I highly recommend this author, especially if you are tired of the same old formula romances. You won’t regret it. I didn’t.

B.G. Thomas


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