I Am Exceeding Grateful to Have Sold Another Story to Dreamspinner Press!

“It’s the moment all writers dream about. The letter/email from a publisher saying they actually want to [dramatic drum roll] publish your novel! Ta dah!”
~~ Stella Tarakson

I woke up early this morning, feeling a little out of if, and wondering if I might be getting a cold. Throat was a bit soar. But I was out very late last night to a gay men’s social dinner party and hot tubed for hours and thought that might be it. Decided I really needed to go back to bed and miss church today as much as I love it.

But I checked my email first.

Oh what a wonderful day!

    Hello B.G.,

    We have reviewed your submission for Sleigh Ride, the 2015 Dreamspinner Press Advent Calendar. I would like to offer you a contract to publish The Beary Best Holiday Party Ever as part of the package. After release, your story will also be for sale individually as a novella with its own individual cover.

    Thank you for supporting Dreamspinner Press.

    Tricia Kristufek, Senior Editor

I was nervous about this one. After blowing it last year and not having a Christmas story because I didn’t pay attention to the directions and wrote something that didn’t fit the guidelines, I was especially nervous. It was the first time since I began writing five years ago that I didn’t have a holiday story!

I followed the guidelines perfectly this year! And Dreamspinner Press wants it! So so so so happy!

Wow. Could I be grateful for more today?

Follow your dreams! They really do come true!

B.G. Thomas

photograph by orchid from morgueFile
special thanks to Noah for his help


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