99¢ Sale at Dreamspinner Press! All Their Daydreams and Nap-sized Stories are 99¢


Well this is pretty cool. Dreamspinner Press has all its shorter pieces on sale for only 99¢ay right now and until the 8th—Thursday.

And guess what? That means my MMM novelette Just Guys is one of those 99¢ stories. Here’s the blurb for that story:

When a gay couple moves in next door, married Grant Carter’s attention is immediately captured. To his surprise, the men aren’t the least bit effeminate, a characteristic that he had assigned to all gay men. Mark and Tony are guys, just guys, and clearly in love.

Grant becomes so fascinated with them that he begins to question not only his marriage of twenty years, but the direction of his entire life.

If that story catches your attention, you can find it by Clicking Right Here.

As for a whole host of other wonderful tales, you can find Dreamspinner Press’s Daydreams stories—regularly $1.49—by Clicking Right Here, and their Nap-Sized stories—regularly $2.99—by Clicking Right Here.

I hope you don’t miss out. How can you lose?

B.G. Thomas


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