Have You Ever Been Told That You Aren’t Good Enough?

Have You Ever Been Told That You Aren’t Good Enough?


Have you ever been told that you’re not good enough? That you don’t fit in? That you don’t have the right look, clothes, build…?

“Hey! You’re too skinny!” “Hey! You are a fatass!” “Hey! You are too old!” “Hey! You’re not pretty enough, you’re not young enough, you’re not old enough, you’re not….”

I have. I’ve been told I’m way too FAT. I’ve been told I’m too old. I’ve been told I don’t write the right stuff. I should write straight stuff. I should write about really young men with perfect bodies. One of them has to be really macho and the other one has to be feminine.

But I don’t want to write that! I’ve tried! I can’t do it!

I have to write what’s in my heart.

If any of this rings true to you….

….then please check out my new ebook, “The Beary Best Holiday Party Ever.”

It’s all about a guy who grew up being told he wasn’t good enough. That his parents were ashamed of him because of his weight. And how he found a group of gay men called bears who loved him just the way he was…and how that led to him becoming the best he could be.

Please check out the book at these links and decide if it’s what you’re interested in reading. I hope it is.

Ben / B.G. Thomas

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