Redwoods: A Review

Director: David Lewis
Writer: David Lewis
Stars: Matthew Montgomery, Brendan Bradley,Tad Coughenour, Caleb Dorfman

IMDB Description: An unfulfilled gay man in a stagnant relationship finds his life changed forever when he meets a struggling writer visiting the Redwoods Country.

Mine: Warning; Once more a gay movie is bittersweet

I liked this movie, although some of the acting was pretty poor. The writer director certainly did a better job than in his film Longhorns, which is pretty bad. The cinematography is quite stunning and the editing is good, the sound excellent. There was certainly a lot of chemistry between the two main characters and I—someone who would normally never condone them cheating—found myself rooting for them.

Everett (Brendan Bradley) has a very boring husband. Beyond boning. Was staggeringly boring. Chase (Matthew Montgomery) is sexy and hot and fascinating. It is no wonder he continues to be drawn like a moth to the flame.

SPOILER: After awhile the two of them can’t resist and begin a short affair…and the comes the bittersweet ending. Everett, for no explained reason except for maybe they have a son, stays with Chase. Then Chase dies. And it’s the end.

It makes no sense. It’s like the writer just didn’t know how to end the movie.

And once again, bittersweet ending and I hated it. Felt like I had wasted my time.

If you don’t mind such an ending, or would be happy that the couple stays together despite the fact that their life has stagnated and the movie gives us no reason to believe it changes after Everett stays, then watch this film.

There is also some gratuitous nudity. It’s not either of the guys we would like to see naked and it is full frontal, pants dropped, plenty of time to stare at the penis, and then it’s done. Obviously Mr. Lewis likes dick as much as the average gay man and wanted to let us see some. No subtlety at all.

The movie was just so…meh by the ending. And yet, I can’t help it—I can’t pan it. There was promise, if only for another movie by the writer/director.

I am just so damned tired of movies where we don’t get a happy ending. The romantic in me would have made the boring husband admit that while he loves Everett, he has moved on. He knows that Everett needs more. And then Everett would get Chase to move to the little town so that Everett can still be there for the kid. And then there wouldn’t have been the silly and ludicrously sentimental death of Chase. It was a plot point pulled from a hat. It didn’t fit the story.

Despite all this, with caution, I will check out other movies by this director/author.

And I will always watch a movie with the uncharacteristically sexy Matthew Montgomery and will be looking for Brendan Bradley. I have no expectations of him being nominated for any Oscars after watching this movie—but the film is xxx years old. Who knows where he is now? I am actually curious.



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