I Wrote This Book for All of Us ~~ Everyone Who Ever Felt “Different”


Hello all! And happy holidays. I hope, so far, they’ve been great.

I am posting this today to tell you about my holiday story. And I wrote it for us. Not only bears (and those who love them). But for everyone who ever felt different, and felt out of place, and had people not like them (even hate them) simply for being different. And for every one of us who finally found a place where people loved us just as we are, whether that’s fellow fans, book clubs (or any club), knitting groups, people with very different religious out-looks, etc, etc, etc….

I have battled the weight thing all my life. And also feelings of self worth and self esteem because of my weight. Thank God I not only discovered the bear movement, which helpled me tremendously with those feeling, but also a man who loves bears. All this transformed my life.

But the memories of rough times almost haunt me at time—especially when today I am still judged by my weight over and over and over again. And I also am so grateful for the bears of Kansas City and the world. And for all the readers who like JUST what I write and don’t want me to write anything else! And so I wrote this book….

It’s all about a guy named Ron Corbin who went through a lot of what I did (and I suspect maybe you?), plus deep judgment by his athletic crazed parents who called him “fatass” while he was a kid and told him they were ashamed of him.

BUT this book isn’t about shame! This book is about BEARS! It’s about overcoming a childhood of bad memories and replacing them with the joy of self acceptance, and finding men who love him just as he is. And it’s also about him finding love….

I hope you will consider buying my novella, “The Beary Best Holiday Party Ever.” The publishing world focuses their buying of books about young, perfect, boy-men. Thank God Dreamspinner Press doesn’t feel that way! I want to show publishers that there are PLENTY of people who like men just the way they are in all their shapes and sizes and who want to read about them. They want to read about men who society doesn’t consider perfect. Men that WE know are perfect just the way we are. And we can show the publisher that with our dollars. Please consider purchasing my novella. It’s only $3.99.

Anyway, thanks for taking time to read this and I hope you have a very merry holiday and an extremely happy New Year!

Ben / B.G. Thomas

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