An Exciting New Contract With Dreamspinner Press!

So I got this idea…. I found out I was going to be able to get married. Legally married. And all these stories ideas started pouring out. Finally being able to do something that I thought I would never get be able to do. Have my marriage and my relationship legally recognized. I am crying again right now typing this.

And then I got married and the wonderful writer Michael Murphy even came down from DC and was one of our witnesses and took pictures. Such a happy day. I was so high. I am high right now typing this! (through the tears)

Then something interesting happened. I was talking to couples who have lived together for years…and almost all of the straight couples said they didn’t feel any different when they got married. But almost the same percentage of gay and lesbian couples said they felt completely different when they got married.

And we got to talking….

The conclusion a lot of us gay and lesbian couples came up with was this….

Straight people grow up “knowing” that one day they will get married. They know it will happen like they know they will go to high school and that they will get a car one day and that they’ll have their own place…and they will get married. But gay people, growing up around the time I did and before—when they realized they were gay—realized it was something they would never have. They could do a Holy Union at a Metropolitan Community Church…but it wasn’t legal. They could have a lovely ceremony like I did with “R” ten years ago. But it wasn’t legal. It didn’t mean beans in one of my hospital stays when I was in ICU and they wouldn’t let him in because he wasn’t a legal relative.

Then finally so many of us got to get married, or soon will, or know that one day we can.

Again…the romantic energy that poured through me wanted to write write write stories about this.

And then I got an idea….

Why not ask several gay authors who thought they would never be able to get married—who were now married!—to join in on a novella anthology about gay men getting married. Ask them to take that energy, that I-can’t-believe-the-impossible-has-happened-to-me-energy, and write stories.

So I did. I asked four authors to join me and they were very excited about the idea. One very sadly had to drop out, but the other three came through with wonderful stories. Those authors were…Jamie Fessenden, J. Scott Coatsworth and Michael Murphy! Oh…and me!

So everyone wrote their stories and I submitted the anthology to Dreamspinner Press and we all waited….

…and last night we got our emails! Dreamspinner Press wants the anthology!

I am so happy! So excited!

So not only does DSP want the stories—which are amazing by the way—but this is my second shot of being an editor! Another big step for me.


I will keep everyone informed as it all comes together. In the meantime I am doing The Snoopy Dance I am so excited.

I am so happy about this anthology. I just love how it all came together…and when you read these four novellas, I think you are going to agree.

And I dare you to forget a box of Kleenex!

B.G. Thomas


6 thoughts on “An Exciting New Contract With Dreamspinner Press!

  1. This is lovely, Ben. I can’t wait for the antho to come out. But for the record, many straight couples feel completely different after getting married, too. Not because they didn’t believe they ever could legally, but because it’s so unbelievable to actually find the love of your life and then make the relationship formal and forever. It was nearly half a century ago when I woke up one morning and the first thing I saw was a man’s shirt hanging on the back of a chair and I knew … I knew Tom and I were “we” and we were home.

    • Which is why I said “almost.” Not all my straight friends said they didn’t feel different! And congrats on you and Tom. (((HUG)))

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