OMGosh! I’ve Been Nominated For Several Goodreads Awards!

combo 2

I can’t believe it! I’ve been nominated several times for MM Goodreads Awards and didn’t even know it! WOW!

The anthology “Spirit” has been nominated for Best Anthology.
My story “Until I Found You,” was nominated for Best Hurt/Comfort.
“Red” was nominated for Best Sex Industry (Rent Boy/Escort/Adult Model/Porn Actor)


There is some stiff competition! I wonder if I have a chance.

Vote for your favorites here:

You might have to register!

SO excited!


7 thoughts on “OMGosh! I’ve Been Nominated For Several Goodreads Awards!

  1. Apparently, yes, you do have to join the M/M Romance group on Goodreads to vote in the polls. I have yet to be approved for membership, but you can be sure when I am that I’ll be voting for your books!

  2. I voted for each of your items except Red… since I have not been able to read it, I really felt I could not vote for it. There was also another book in that category that I had read and loved. Why isn’t Red available through Dreamspinners, which is my primary shopping site?

      • So you found Red at the Dreamspinner Press site? Because it is certainly there. Maybe check under my name? And I would never ever want you to vote on something you didn’t like!

  3. Found it… I had to write it just right B.G. Thomas no gap between B&G…. and I meant I don’t vote for things I haven’t read. Had to actually skip some divisions because I hadn’t read any of them!

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