I Need Some Humorous Help! Can You Help Me?


Now before you do anything read this! There is something that really upsets me. And it is bad homosexual jokes. It shocks me that in this age of being politically correct and knowing we can’t tell the black jokes or polish jokes or dumb women jokes that people told a few decades ago, that we STILL tell really homophobic jokes. Even fellow gay men.

Why do people tell gay jokes that focus on fudge packing, or AIDS, Skittles, or limp-wristed men? There are good gay jokes that play on the way gay men are without insulting us or promoting the stereotypes.

Here is a good gay joke.

“So there were two men sitting in a bar and this gorgeous woman walks in. One of them can’t stop staring at her. They other say, ‘You’re not thinking of going straight on me are you?’ And the other says, ‘Nope. But every now I see a woman like that I wish I had been born a lesbian!'”

Now that is dedicated homosexuality when the only way he thinks he could be sexual with a woman is if he were a woman!”

Here are some VERY bad gay jokes:

Q: What does one gerbil say to another gerbil when they walk by a gay bar?
A: “Wanna get shitfaced?”


Q: What did one gay sperm say to another?
A: “How do we find an egg in all of this shit?”


Q: What do you call a gay man in a wheelchair?
A: Roll Aids.

I mean, really?? And gay men *told* me these jokes! I was horrified. I did not laugh.

I need some GOOD gay jokes that don’t insult who we are as gay men. NOTHING about shit! NOTHING about AIDS!


You all have helped before! You’ve come up with great ones!

I am all out of good gay jokes. Please help me! There might even be a prize in it for you if I pick your joke to use in my final book!

Thanks and hoping I hear from you!
Ben / B.G. Thomas


3 thoughts on “I Need Some Humorous Help! Can You Help Me?

  1. At the local golf club a foursome was about to tee off. Three of the men were there as the fourth was still buying some golf balls in the pro shop. The first man asked the second guy how is son was doing. The man replied, “Must be doing pretty good, he just bought a new Cadillac for his girlfriend”. The second man asked the third guy how his son was doing. The third guy said, “He’s doing fantastically. He just bought a new boat for his girlfriend.” The third guy asked the first guy how his son was doing. The guy replied, “He’s doing very well in the stock market. He just gave his girlfriend a $500,000 stock portfolio.” About this time the fourth guy arrived on the tee. The other three knew his son was gay and that he and he was a little embarrassed about this, but they asked him how his son was doing. The fourth man replied, “I guess he’s doing fine. He has a new Caddillac, a new boat, and a stock portfolio valued at $500,000.”

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