So Pleased to Announce That “The Boy Who Came In From the Cold” Is Now In Italian!


What a way to wake up! To find out that my second novel, and a fan favorite (it was #1 on Amazon’s GLBT list for two weeks), The Boy Who Came In From the Cold has crossed yet another language barrier. Italian!

First in was German. Then Korean. And now Italian.

I am so blessed.

When that boy was making up his own Outer Limits episodes in fifth grade and getting friends and cousins to act them out instead of playing cops and robbers or house, I know he never dreamed that one day he would have a novel go international.

So blessed.

Everything is turning around at last. Work is more interesting, I’m learning new things, stories want to be written again, I am going to both St. Louis and Orlando, FL. Seeing old friends and meeting online friends in person at last and I will surely be meeting new ones as well.

The temperatures aren’t bad at all for this time of year—49°!—especially considering what’s going on across the country.

Blessings blessings blessings.

And by the way, if you’re interested, you can find Il Ragazzo Che Veniva Dal Freddo here!:


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