So I Got This Friend Request From A Lady Named Fatou Jassey


So the first thing I notice is that we have no friends in common….

Me: Hey there. Are you one of my readers?

Fatou: What readers you talking about?

Me: You requested my friendship. We have no friends in common. So naturally I assumed you read my gay romances.

Fatou: Are you gay?

Me: Well, duh!!

Fatou: From which country?

Me: I’m from the USA

Fatou: I am an army woman from and would want to be your best friend if you wouldn’t mind San Francisco

Me: (like I would mind San Francisco) You sent me a friend request and you want to be my best friend and you didn’t know what country I’m from and that I’m gay?

Fatou: Oh are you gay?

I’m a lesbian anyway.

You there?


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