Well I Woke Up To A FABULOUS Birthday Present From Dreamspinner Press!

I woke up this morning to well over two hundred birthday wishes on Facebook and….

OMG!! *Jumps for Joy!*

Dreamspinner Press has sent me a contract for my novel Do You Trust Me?!

Do You Trust Me? started off life as Trust Me and was one of my first sales. It was bought by Amber Quill. Which was very exciting because they have one of the best reputations in the MM market. It wasn’t easy to get in with them. They didn’t take open submissions. Once a year they had an open them and that year it was cowboys. Who doesn’t like cowboys?

And if I sold them a story, then I was open to submit to them any time in the future. YES! So I wrote the story and was thrilled when I sold it. The only “problem” was my story was that there was a word count limit. First sales to Amber Quill—at least that year—were novellas only.

Which broke my heart. Because I had to leave a whole lot of the story out. And I mean, a lot. My guys were barely together and I had to stop writing. Not only that, but I had to go back and hack out a whole lot more. It just about killed me. The story I handed in was not the story I wanted to write, and it wasn’t the story about the two men I loved in that tale, Neil Baxter and his future love, Cole Thompson.

Now don’t get me wrong! I loved the story Amber Quill published and I am very, very grateful that they bought it. They did a great job and gave it a hot cover and people have written to me quite a bit through the years telling me that they loved it as well.


They biggest complaints with the story were exactly mine. The story was way too short and there was a lot more they wanted to know.

And now I have gotten to do it. When Amber Quill closed down and the rights went back to me, I got to go through it, fix it up (I’ve learned a lot and am a better writer now) and add all the stuff I had to leave out before. I added over 20 thousand words, gave must more insights to the characters, and really let them breath. This isn’t just a clean up. It is an expanded volume with much more story to offer.

I am so thrilled to announce that Dreamspinner Press liked and wanted the new version. So thrilled that my readers can now have the whole story. And really get to see these two men fall in love.

I can’t give you a publication date, but rest assured I will!

And in the meantime,
B.G. Thomas

The cover for Trust Me from Amber Quill. I can’t wait to see what Dreamspinner Press comes up with!


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