Look Who Dropped In At The Sheperd’s Bean; Charlie David!

Look Who Dropped in at The Shepherd's Bean

So today I am quite simply blown away by the fact that my guest is none other than Charlie David, a wonder actor, producer, director and author. I first discovered him in a delightfully campy series called Dante’s Cove. I found him adorable! Then a few years later, I saw a wonderful movie called Mulligans. He stared in it, wrote it, produced it and I fell in love with the film. I must have watched it three times that weekend.

Then, several years later, I got a shock that rocked me to the soles of my feet. The Boy Who Came In From the Cold was being turned into an audio book and Elizabeth North—the publisher of Dreamspinner Press—hoped I would be “okay” with the fact that Charlie David was going to do the recording.

Was I okay? Oh my gosh! I started shouting and dancing around the living room and my husband came upstairs to see what the heck was going on and when I told him he was very happy for me.

And the recording was wonderful! He breathed such life into that story. Sorry if I’m pacing. I’m so excited I got to The Shepherd’s Bean a half hour early and I am so worried I am going to turn into a big gushing fanboy! And…oh! My! God! Here he is! Charlie! I am so happy to see you!

Charlie: Hi handsome, I thought I recognized you. From behind….

BG: *Laughs*

Charlie: But good to see you’re just as handsome from the front. Are you in line already?

BG: I’ll take care of that. You sit. I hope you like coffee, I am shocked at how many writers don’t like it!

Charlie: Are you kidding me? I didn’t know it was possible to write a word without caffeine coursing through my veins. I’ll take anything South American—Bolivian or Peruvian would be a treat.

BG: Fantastic. They have one from Cajamarca Peru. With you recommending a Peruvian—which I don’t think I’ve ever had—I think I’ll try it too.

BG: Now sit down, Take a load off. Please, get comfortable. Doughnut?

Charlie: I’ll take a doughnut for sure. Sounds delicious.

BG: I didn’t know if you indulged with those perfect abs of yours.

Charlie: *Laughs* You must have seen an old photo, my dear. I’m thirty six and fitness is still a passion but come on, so is living and enjoying life and for me food is a big part of that!

BG: I couldn’t agree with you more. Now I was just telling everybody that you did the audio recording for The Boy Who Came In From the Cold. I was so pleased and so stunned by your performance.

Charlie: It was definitely a fun book to narrate. Most importantly I’m glad that you were happy with the final result as the author.

BG: How did you get into audio books? How did that start?

Charlie: The team at Dreamspinner Press asked if I’d be interested. I’ve recorded several titles for them and also work with other publishing companies and authors directly. It’s been a really fun gig and something I enjoy doing.

BG: Do you go into a studio or what. A friend of mine has actually sound proofed a closet in his home, it’s really quite impressive, and that’s where he does his audio recordings. How do you do yours?

Charlie: I travel a lot for my film & TV work so it really depends where in the world I am. I’ll book a sound studio if I’m on the road. When I’m at home I have a little studio set up there. That’s definitely the best, I have the comforts of home and can record in my underwear or pajamas if I want to!

BG: Now that would be a sight! Did you have to put that in my brain?

*shakes head*

Change the subject…change the subject…. Oh! And of course you also did the audio for Anything Could Happen and Hound Dog & Bean and there are some great reviews out there for your work. Are there any authors that you have found you really like to read for?

Charlie: It’s always nice to be asked back by an author or publishing company to read more of their work. I definitely take that as a sincere compliment. I generally enjoy reading books where there’s a few characters with accents – I had fun exercising my British and Southern twang in your books.

BG: Now I first…ah…noticed you in a show called about Dante’s Cove. How did you get involved with it?

Charlie: I was living in Vancouver at the time and was called in to audition for the show. For the callbacks they flew me down to LA where we had “on camera chemistry tests” with other actors. At the end of the day they offered me the role. Dante’s Cove was definitely a fun series to be on but also strange—for the first few seasons I was the only out gay actor on the show. Doing all those romantic scenes with gorgeous straight dudes did twist my heart. It was certainly hard to leave ‘work’ at ‘work’ some days.

It continues to surprise me that after a decade that show still has so many fans. I get messages regularly asking when or if we’re doing another season. Just yesterday I did an interview with a gentleman who is writing a book for his PhD on queer supernatural media. We discussed Dante’s Cove of course and my book of queer paranormal short stories, Shadowlands.

BG: You know the thing I didn’t like about Dante’s Cove were the previews and advertising. It made it look so damned corny. When I “broke down” and tried it, I was surprised by just how good it was. Tons of sexy men and sex, but an actual story, and most of the actors were pretty good.

Charlie: You’re very kind Ben. I generally caution those unfamiliar with the series that it’s the type of television best watched drunk. But yes, there were a lot of sexy men. I’ve certainly had more difficult jobs.

BG: There were a lot of pretty revealing love scenes in the show. How did you feel about doing that?

Charlie: When the first season came out I was horrified. We had filmed love scenes which required lots of different angles and camera set ups but I expected they would be a little twenty second montage. What they ended up being was music video length sequences so that was shocking to me as a young actor. I think there were aspects of production and direction that were manipulative with us as young talent. Suffice it to say, I learned a lot doing that show. It’s helped guide me as a director in always seeking to be respectful and fully transparent with the talent I’m working with.

In subsequent seasons I was fired and rehired repeatedly for choosing to limit my love scenes. It sounds like I was pulling a diva but really I was doing what I could to protect myself and the other young actors I was working with.

BG: And you were and out and proud gay actor, right? Even then? I think that is incredible. It’s by only people coming out that we can show the world they have nothing to be afraid of.

Charlie: When I was cast in Dante’s Cove it was the flagship show of the first queer TV network in the USA so I knew I’d be asked about my sexuality in the media. I decided at that point I didn’t want to hide it or skirt around the issue. It was an opportunity for me to be authentic and hopefully a role model for other young actors.

BG: Did you find that being an out gay actor affected you acting career?

Charlie: Yes, of course. I’ve been told by my agents over the years the various times I’ve lost roles because of my sexuality. But I don’t have regrets about it. It’s much easier for young performers now to claim their sexuality or non-label and that’s awesome. I was coming out in the same wake as Ellen Degeneres and Rupert Everett and before Ricky Martin or Neil Patrick Harris. Being forthright about my sexuality has limited my career in ways but it was more important for me to be an activist than try to play into what was acceptable or advisable at that time.

BG: You’ve moved me there Charlie, and I don’t want to cry. Thank you.

Okay, Ben! Get in control of yourself! *laughs*

And then a few years after that you did Mulligans. But this time, you wrote it! How did you get it produced? How did you make it happen?

Charlie: In many ways it was an answer to Dante’s Cove which I felt was an overly sexualized show that polarized an audience—it didn’t make LGBTQ people more accessible in any way to a mainstream audience. With Mulligans, I wanted to create a story that was a conversation starter—one that people would feel comfortable watching with their whole family and friends. It still is a loaded story and hopefully gets people thinking and talking—but it wouldn’t make them turn off the TV from shock.

And I think in many ways we succeeded. The film played nearly 100 film festivals, won some awards and was picked up by mainstream TV networks and distributors like HBO, Warner Bros and Sundance in addition to playing the queer networks like LOGO and OutTV Canada. I really wanted to start bridging the gap in what was a “gay film” and what could just be a good film with gay characters.

With my business partner at the time we raised the money ourselves and brought together a terrific cast and crew. I had never produced a film before so I didn’t initially have the support of a big distributor or broadcaster. I flew around the USA and Canada meeting with investors and giving pitches of my business plan. I was a horse they’d never seen run so to speak so I had to convince them that as a young guy in my mid-twenties, I was worth betting on and could get this done. It’s my favorite film (and book!) I’ve created because it really was such a blood, sweat and tears process to make it happen.

BG: The cast was terrific. You even got Thea Gill. Did you have anything to do with all of that, or was that someone else’s job?

Charlie: I approached Thea Gill myself. I’d seen her in Queer as Folk and loved her work. I asked her to lunch and asked if she’d read my script. We met again and she agreed to come on board so I was thrilled.

At the time I was running a talent agency with a partner in Vancouver so we had access to casting directors and agents directly. We held auditions and put together the cast with the exception of Dan Payne who plays the father. Dan attended a live script reading we held and was asked to read the father there. As soon as I saw this 6’4” god of a man and heard how he delivered the role I was convinced I wanted him for the role.

BG: How was it working with such a wonderful cast? Even the little girl was good. And it must have been pretty powerful having your script brought to life with such talent.

Charlie: It was amazing. Really and truly amazing. I had fun at the live script reads, at the auditions and of course on set when we actually made the film. You’re right, hearing these actors play with the words and story you’ve imagined for so long was really powerful. There were scenes where I’d be crying behind the monitors right along with the actors as they performed challenging scenes.

BG: And that’s how I felt when I heard you read my books. I am getting chills now.

Charlie: Would you like my hoodie? It’s always fun bringing stories to life and I’m so happy you were happy with the audiobooks I produced for you. It’s a delicate responsibility to voice another writer’s work and I always try be as present and engaged emotionally in the story as I can when narrating audiobooks.

BG: Tell me about the actual story. First explain the title for those not in the know already, and then what inspired the story.

Charlie: A mulligan is a term in golf where a player is permitted by those s/he’s playing with to take another stroke and it won’t count against the score. The story of Mulligans is about a young man who has an affair with his best friend’s father and how the family deals with it.

BG: And now a novelization of the movie! Tell me how that came to be. Was the script first? The novel?

Charlie: The screenplay came first, then the film and then the novel. I really am happy with the film and hope that readers will be interested to watch it as well because as you mentioned there are some really solid performances. I wrote the novel because I wasn’t quite done with the characters. There was still more I wanted to explore and learn with them. There were some storylines that ended up on the editing room floor in the film version due to time constraints and I really felt they were still valuable. For example in the film, there’s a character named Jarod who is of passing interest and importance to the role I played, Chase. In the novel—that relationship is explored more and Jarod is definitely more than just a passing interest.

BG: And you were telling me that this Dreamspinner Press edition is one you’re pretty excited about?

Charlie: I am really excited about it. The team at Dreamspinner Press has been so supportive to me as an author and artist—whether through bringing me on to narrate audiobooks or publishing my books. It was a real joy to work with the artistic and editing team to really bring this novel to a higher level. I’m really proud of it and am excited to share it with readers.

BG: And you’ve got more in store from Dreamspinner as well?

Charlie: Yes, we do! My second book, Boy Midflight is going to be released through Dreamspinner on July 4th and my gay paranormal book of short stories Shadowlands is available now.

BG: Tell me all about the new book.

Charlie: Boy Midflight is a love story. It’s written in the POV of a teenager and that teenager was me. Much of the inspiration was pulled directly from my teenage journals and experiences so it’s quite raw, quirky, naïve, and brimming with hope about all that love is supposed to be. Although it’s fiction, there’s certainly a lot that’s very revealing in Boy Midflight about who I was as a young man.

BG: That sounds so fripping awesome! I can’t wait! Anything in the pipeline after that as far as writing?

Charlie: I’m currently writing the screenplays for my Shadowlands book.

BG: Oh my gosh! Really?

Charlie: We’re going to turn it into a miniseries. Kind of a gay supernatural Twilight Zone. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it!

BG: How about acting/directing?

Charlie: Busy and great! I’ve been directing and producing documentaries over the past few years which has been so fulfilling. I’m growing as a storyteller behind the camera, which I’m loving. Some of our recent shows explore male strippers, social celebrities, male testicular health, straight men doing gay porn, the rise of HIV transmissions in young people, and polyamory. I’m generally curious about sex, sexuality, relationships and gender so those are themes I explore in my documentary work. All of my shows can be seen on my website http://border2border.ca

BG: Do you have any goals as far as acting or directing? Something you really want to do?

Charlie: Yes, I do have a dream story I want to write and direct. I’m working on optioning the rights as it’s based on a real person’s life so unfortunately I can’t share any news on that yet. If readers want to keep in touch I’m on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube and am always happy to hear what people enjoyed, hated, loved or longed for in my work. It helps shape and propel my journey forward.

In terms of what I’m working on right now—I’m directing a miniseries called US+ which is the one about polyamory and I’ll be filming the first episode in the Shadowlands series this summer.

BG: And I’m curious, what do you do when you aren’t writing or doing an audio book or acting or producing or directing? Or do you not have any time after all of that?

Charlie: I garden which fills my soul and I’m learning to make stone mosaics. I really enjoy that. My partner and I love to travel which generally involve destinations where we can SCUBA dive. This year we’ve explored Turkey, Tanzania, Zanzibar, South Africa, Turks & Caicos and Cuba. They are generally a combination of work/pleasure trips and we pinch ourselves regularly to remind ourselves how blessed we are.

BG: I think that’s important. And I want to say how blessed I was for having you join me today at The Bean.

Charlie: Thanks so much for asking me out to talk shop. Always a pleasure to dish with fellow writers.

BG: That is certainly the truth. Now let me get you another cup of coffee. Thanks for the recommendation. This is delicious! And so was my time with you!


Title: Mulligans
Author: Charlie Davie
Genre: Novel, Contemporary, New Adult
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: May 25, 2016
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook


2nd Edition

Chase never had many friends, but at college, he meets and forms close ties with straight jock Tyler Davidson—a connection he fears he’ll lose if he tells Tyler he’s gay. Keeping his sexuality secret becomes harder for Chase as he joins Tyler and his family at their idyllic lake house for the summer. It grows more and more difficult for Chase to avoid Tyler’s attempts to set him up with girls, and he’s tired of making excuses. Chase is ready to embrace the man he is, but he’s afraid of what it will cost him.

The Davidsons seem like the perfect family, but Chase soon realizes there’s trouble in paradise. Tyler’s dad, Nathan, has done everything to make a good life for his wife and children—including suppressing his sexuality and denying his needs for years. But like Chase, Nathan is growing weary of living a lie. What begins as an offer of support from Chase grows into an unexpected attraction that will have profound effects on everyone. Chase and the Davidsons are about to learn that there’s no such thing as a perfect family, but that perfection isn’t a requirement for friendship and love.

Book Links

Dreamspinner eBook

Dreamspinner Paperback

Amazon eBook

Amazon paperback


You’ve read the novel, now watch the film! Readers unlock a 50% discount on the rental or purchase of the film by entering promocode Dreamspinner at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/mulligansmovie




The best place in the house was not in the house at all. It was on top of the house. Nathan noticed Chase’s eyebrows arch even higher as he leaned a ladder against the house and climbed up, his beer bottle stuffed in the back pocket of his jeans so he could have a two-handed grip. Nathan turned and held the ladder in place when he reached the top and waved down to Chase. “Come on up!”

He smiled, watching Chase place his own beer in a back pocket and make his way up the ladder. Nathan reached out and gave Chase a hand when he reached the top rung, and then for a second almost let go; there was a warmth there he hadn’t expected.

This was Nathan’s favorite place in the house, one he’d only shared with Tyler previously. The roof had a very gentle slope, and Nathan crossed it to where two lawn chairs lay covered with fallen pine needles and leaves. He shook them off and unfolded the chairs to face the lake far below. Chase settled into the seat beside him and pulled the cap off his beer. The summer sun was just beginning to set, and the sky was a brilliant tie-dye of orange, red, and mauve.

“Makes you feel kinda small, doesn’t it?” Nathan finally asked, interrupting the quiet between them.

“Yeah. I guess if we only get to live once, you want to make sure you’re doing the things you want. It goes by so fast.”

Nathan couldn’t help but laugh. “You have no idea.”

Chase continued, obviously lost in his own thoughts. “I guess I just want to leave my mark somehow, make a difference….”

“Like with your painting?”

“Maybe, I don’t know.”

“Well, what would you want to change?” Nathan asked.

“I don’t know. Just stuff,” Chase answered, his gaze locked on the lake.

“Sounds like some heavy… stuff,” Nathan said and then allowed another silence to pass between them.

“I guess I’ve just been thinking about, well, what are you supposed to do if you like someone and there’s a possibility it could upset someone else?”

“Why would it upset the other person?”

“Well, maybe the other person always imagined you with someone else and so they’d be disappointed. But maybe it’s not worth risking their disappointment because what if the person you like isn’t even who you’re supposed to be with in the end?” Chase asked, only occasionally looking at Nathan out of the corner of his eye.

“Is this about Christie?”

“No! That would make it so much…easier.” Chase shook his head, an ironic grin shaping his mouth. They fell into a silence again. Nathan wasn’t sure which questions to ask and could only guess at what the problem might be. The sky had given up its bright orange hues and was dressed in the light purples of twilight when Chase finally spoke again. “Was it weird getting married right out of high school?”

Nathan was taken aback by the new focus of the conversation. “I don’t know about weird. It’s just what happened.”

“So you never dated anyone else, then?”

Nathan shook his head. “We were planning on going to different colleges, but then… I guess when Stacey got pregnant, when we got pregnant, well, we knew we loved each other and so the decision was kind of made for us.”

“Do you ever wonder if you picked the right person? I mean, how do you know?” Chase asked, looking over at Nathan.

If it weren’t for the earnest expression in the young man’s eyes, Nathan might have been tempted to tell him to mind his own business, but the sincerity there convinced him otherwise. “No. I mean, yes, sometimes. Choices have to be made at the time, and you make them and then your life becomes your life. One day I wake up and I have a wife, a job, a house, and a couple of kids and it’s like, when did that happen?”

Chase held his stare and nodded, seeming to comprehend the immensity of his experience. But how could he? He was a college kid.

“I sometimes wonder, if I was a teenager now instead of back then, if I would have made different choices,” Nathan confessed.

“Like what?”

“Just different. People are a lot more open-minded now.” Nathan took in the absurdity of the situation. He was a man in his late thirties, sharing the very problems that had been weighing on his mind with his son’s best friend, a young man practically half his age. Why was it so easy to talk to Chase? He felt an inexplicable bond and simultaneously an unsettling sense that he was talking to a 2.0 version of himself. “I’ve never talked about that with anyone before.”

“Your secrets are safe with me if mine are safe with you,” Chase promised, then looked down smiling.

“What?” Nathan asked.

“Nothing,” Chase laughed. “You just look like Tyler when you’re deep in thought like that.”

“You mean, he looks like me,” Nathan corrected. “I’m the original.”

They laughed and watched as the first stars began to appear in the night sky. Nathan enjoyed the easy nature of their time together. It was as simple to carry on a conversation with Chase as it was to sit in silence and just be. It looked like he and Tyler shared a taste in the company they liked to keep.

“I’m gonna call it a night. I want to get down that ladder while I can still see it.” Chase laughed as he stood and made his way over to the edge of the roof. “Thanks for the beer, and the chat.”

“No problem, it was nice. I’m glad you ended up staying in tonight,” Nathan said, following Chase to the ladder.

Chase looked up at Nathan as he began his descent. “Me too. Good-night, Mr. Davidson.”

Nathan climbed down and pulled the ladder away from the house. He watched Chase cross the yard and enter the guest cottage, flicking on its lights. Mr. Davidson. What are you thinking, old man? Nathan entered the house and was surprised at how foreign it all seemed. All the collected knickknacks from over the years seemed to stare at him like alien things. Stuff, stuff, everywhere just stuff, and this was his life. A life that had been fastidiously designed, and as he looked around he realized how little it all meant to him. He was becoming detached. He loved his family very much, but the idea of pulling around the weight of all these years of memories and mementos seemed a burden.

Nathan grabbed a golf magazine off the coffee table in the living room and lay down on the couch. He flipped mindlessly through the magazine, barely registering the lush green courses and players profiled inside. He wasn’t even halfway through when he tossed the magazine on the floor and shut his eyes. Resting his hands on his chest, he tried to regain the peaceful quiet his mind had captured on the roof. He lay there, resembling a corpse except for the deliberate, slow rise and fall of his chest as he tried to encourage a meditative state. After a few minutes he was successful, to a degree. The chatter had stopped at least, and what was left was a slow parade of images, some captured from memory and some imagined.

Nathan’s eyes almost opened as he felt an unexpected sensation. He felt his body. He was really feeling it; he was aware of himself all the way down to his feet. He wiggled his toes and felt the socks around them. He felt the denim hugging his thighs and the cotton collar of his polo shirt gently pressing against the back of his neck. It was so simple and yet sensational. He’d been living in his head and had been denying the existence of his body, and he’d been doing it for so long he couldn’t even recall when it had started.

Warmth gathered in his chest and spread slowly through his body. He could almost detect the tiny hairs on his arms and legs responding as the energy passed through him. The warmth collected in his stomach and moved down into his pelvis. Nathan felt the denim getting very tight there, and he realized he was very, very horny. As the parade of images continued to scroll through his mind, he slid one hand down his body and stroked the front of his jeans. He slid the other hand up and under his shirt, dragging it over his chest, imagining the whole time that the hands belonged to someone else. He couldn’t even remember the last time he had pleasured himself, and the thrill of doing it in the open of his house added to the rousing danger of it. Being a family man was a lot different from being a bachelor. You couldn’t just pull it out whenever you got the urge. That was the curious part; he rarely even felt the urge, as if he had neatly folded up his sex drive and packed it in a box. He didn’t have to face it or deconstruct the sexual images in his head. He was free to focus on every other aspect of his life without distraction. And it had become easier over time. As a young man in his teens and twenties, all he could seem to think about was sex. As the years went on, it had become easier and easier to just ignore.

He unbuttoned the top of his jeans and stuffed his hand in, grabbing himself firmly. This was not so easy to ignore, and the urgent excitement in his gut made him clench his jaw and squeeze his eyes shut. He wanted the intangible temptations in his mind desperately, and he also desperately wanted them to leave him alone. Nathan exhaled a long frustrated breath and opened his eyes, letting them adjust to the reality of the room. The wooden beams on the ceiling, the rich merlot window dressings, and the faint smell of the leather couch beneath him. He pulled his shirt down and removed the hand from his pants, but it did little to relieve the hard-on straining distinctly against them. He’d go to bed, he decided, and swung his legs down off the couch.

Nathan entered the bedroom and noticed Stacey was already sleeping, a book fallen against her chest and her reading lamp still on. He crossed to the closet and undressed, throwing his shirt and jeans over a chair. He was already beginning to feel more himself as he slipped into the washroom and dressed his toothbrush with paste. Temptation got the best of him, and he soon had one hand in his boxer shorts as the other one brushed. He closed his eyes again, imagining another’s firm grip around his balls. His breathing became rapid and shallow as he brushed harder and stroked faster.

“Nathan?” He heard Stacey call in a half-asleep voice from the next room. He pulled the hand out of his shorts and rested it on the sink, panting. He bent over and spit into the sink and rinsed his mouth. He looked in the mirror and smiled sardonically at himself.

“Yes?” he answered as he flicked off the washroom light and crossed to the bed.

“Are you coming to bed?” Stacey asked, closing her book and setting it on the nightstand.

Nathan answered by climbing in and turning off the lamp on his nightstand. Stacey turned and did the same. Nathan rolled over and curled into Stacey, rubbing his fingers along her arm. He pressed against her, and Stacey turned with surprise.


“You want to mess around?” he asked, already letting his hands rove over his wife.


“Or… we don’t have to,” Nathan answered, stopping his hands in place.

“No, I’d like to. But are you sure?” Stacey asked.

“Look, do you want to or not, Stacey?”

“You’re not all that attractive when you’re grumpy,” Stacey accused, crossing her arms and leaning back against the headboard.

“Forget it.” Nathan turned onto his side away from Stacey and stared at the wall.

“Come on, you just surprised me, that’s all.”

“I said forget it. I’m not in the mood anymore. I’m going to sleep.”


Charlie David’s Bio:

Charlie David has been a host for E! Television, NBC, OutTV, LOGO, here! TV, Pink TV, EGO, Fine Living and Slice Networks on such shows as FYE!, SpyTV, Crash Test Mommy and his travel series Bump! which now airs in over 45 million homes. He has appeared as musical guest on VH1, BBC, CBS’s The Early Show, and dozens of radio shows.

In 2005 Out Magazine recognized Charlie in the ‘Out 100’ at their gala in New York. In 2007 the Philadelphia Film Society awarded Charlie with their Rising Star Award. In 2008 the Festival del Sol in Gran Canaria awarded their Best Male Actor Award to Charlie and the male cast of A Four Letter Word. Formerly in a rock band… okay, actually it was a boy band, Charlie opened for Destiny’s Child, Pink, Snoop Dogg, Rick Springfield and Black Eyed Peas.

A love of storytelling led Charlie to start Border2Border Entertainment Inc., a production company whose film credits include Mulligans, Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride, Judas Kiss, I’m a Stripper, Studlebrity and Positive Youth. He was also an associate producer on his travel series Bump!, which shot 120 episodes around the world, garnered a Hugo Television award and two more nominations last year. Border2Border Entertainment’s films have been licensed to Showtime, Super Channel, HBO Canada, MTV/LOGO, Sundance Channel, The Movie Network, Movie Central, Encore Avenue, Out TV, as well as working with international distribution partners in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, Singapore and Taiwan.

He is a graduate of the Canadian College of Performing Arts and his current passions include motorcycle cruises, high adrenaline encounters with wildlife, SCUBA diving and sports. He resides in Montréal, Canada with his boyfriend when he’s not living out of a suitcase.

Want to keep up with Charlie and all he’s up to? Then just click on the link below!

Charlie’s Site

And to check out Shadowland….

Dreamspinner Press (ebook)
Dreamspinner Press (Audiobook)
Amazon (ebook)
Amazon (paperback)
photographs of Charlie David in this interview are by Nicholas Stagias and Michael Mew

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