USA TODAY Does the Cover Reveal for “A More Perfect Union!”

Yes, USA TODAY, did an exclusive cover reveal for my anthology, A More Perfect Union, from Dreamspinner Press. Of course I should say the idea for the anthology was mine, but it belongs equally to me and the three men I asked to join me, J Scott Coastsworth, Jamie Fessenden and Michael Murphy. It all seems a little unread. USA TODAY? Whoa!

Actually it all seems unreal. That my initial idea about an anthology about gay men getting married written by four gay men who are legally married—men who thought they would never be able to get married and all that goes with that—emotionally, spiritually, mentally and more.

That I presented the idea to Elizabeth North a year ago and that she liked it and gave me the go-ahead.

That I asked the authors and they wanted to be a part of it—and were overjoyed that I asked them! Because I was the one feeling overjoyed that they wanted to! That my story would be in the same company as theirs.

That Dreamspinner Press fully supported the idea.

That only a few months after I started the whole ball rolling, same-sex marriage became the Law of the Land, and not a state by state issue…and that now it could just be called “marriage” (like it should have been for a long, long time).

That the stores came in and that I loved them all and was thrilled that all my expectations and hopes were met with just how good they are were.

That my fantasy of having a cover my Reese Dante came true—in stunning color. Once again, beyond my hopes and dreams.

That advance word is great and getting around already…including the fact that USA TODAY said they would do an article. A good, sweet, romantic article that shows love is love is love—no matter what the sex of the lovers.

Frankly I am on Cloud Nine!

Click here to check out the article:

B.G. Thomas


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