More Proud Than Words Can Say; I Have Received My Advanced Copies of “A More Perfect Union”


I got a surprise, something I wasn’t expecting; my advanced copies of “A More Perfect Union.” Usually I get them a few days before hand, but this time it was a full ten days early.

And the paperback is truly stunning. Gorgeous inside and out, and that isn’t even including the stories. I am so very, very proud of this book! It was a journey that started well over a year ago. Actually, on my wedding day, June 30th, 2014, when I got the idea.

I was married! I was legally married! And I was flying high on joy and love and dreams and I wanted to write write write! And then I wondered…. Did other gay men who thought they would never ever get to get married (but who did) feel like this? What if I put together an anthology with stories about gay men getting legally married…written by gay men who were legally married?

Then I presented the idea to Elizabeth North, publisher of Dreamspinner Press, in March of 2015, and she liked the idea. “If only we could have had it ready for the SCOTUS decision.” She knew even then–perhaps having more faith than me–that the Supreme Court would vote the true and right way.

They did. But of course there wasn’t time. But one thing there was. There was time to get it published on the one year anniversary of the SCOTUS landmark decision!

So then I had to find my writers.

I knew I wanted a variety. From newer writers to more established ones. So I asked J. Scott Coatsworth, Jamie Fessenden and Michael Murphy if they wanted to join me.

They did.

And here are the stories:

Someday, by B.G. Thomas

Lucas Arrowood is walking to school on his first day of kindergarten when he meets Dalton Churchill—a boy who stops and helps him tie his shoe. He knows from that moment he is going to marry that boy one day. “Boys can’t marry other boys,” his mother explains, but that doesn’t stop Lucas. He knows what he wants.

He and Dalton become best friends—and then, no matter how much he resists, Dalton falls in love with Lucas. Dalton’s very conservative family can’t accept that their boy loves another boy, but finally Dalton stands up for love and for Lucas. Still, he declares he won’t marry Lucas until it is legal everywhere. He hates the “Commitment Ceremonies” gay men have. They aren’t the real thing. Why bother?

So Lucas waits for his day. The day same-sex marriage finally becomes legal and he can be joined forever with the love of his life.

Flames, by J. Scott Coatsworth

Alex and Gio had a big fight, and Alex ran away. Then a fire at home destroyed the life they had built together, and threatened to take Gio away from him.

Alex had always thought love was enough to keep them together. Why did they need wedding rings or legal certificates? But now, with Gio lost in a coma, his mother has banished Alex from his side.

What if Alex’s voice is the only thing that can bring Gio back from the brink? Their memories are all Gio has left, and the urge to just let go is getting stronger.

Still, nothing can keep Alex from Gio’s side. If it’s against the rules, he’ll break them. In stolen moments alone together, Alex fights to bring him back, one memory at a time.

Destined, by Jamie Fessenden

When Jay and Wallace first meet at an LGBTQ group, they have no idea they’ll be dating six years later. In fact, they quickly forget each other’s names. But although fate continues to throw them together, the timing is never quite right. Finally they’re both single and realize they want to be together… but now they can’t find each other! With determination and the help of mutual friends, Jay and Wallace can finally pursue the relationship they’ve both wanted for so long.

It’s only the beginning of the battles they’ll face to build a life together.

From disapproving family members all the way to the state legislature, Jay and Wallace’s road to happily ever after is littered with obstacles. But they’ve come too far to give up the fight.

Jeordi and Tom, by Michael Murphy

Living as an open, loving gay couple in the rural South isn’t easy—even today.

When Jeordi and Tom move in together and come out to their families, Jeordi’s family does not take the news especially well. When yelling doesn’t work, they send in one sibling after another to try to separate the couple. When that fails, they call out their pastor to help Jeordi see the error of his ways. But Jeordi’s love for Tom is greater than anything they throw at them.

When an accident sends Jeordi to the hospital, his family goes too far when they try to keep Tom from visiting his partner. Jeordi and Tom are determined to do everything in their power to gain legal protection so this can never happen again. But when a bigoted county clerk refuses to issue them a marriage license, Jeordi decides a big, bold effort is called for, which is precisely what he sets in moVon so no one can ever separate him from Tom again.

Tell me you don’t want to read any of those stories!

And it is available for pre-order right now!

Available for Pre-Order Right Now!:
Amazon UK

Here’s hoping you will not only support this book, but thoroughly love it in the process!

B.G. Thomas

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