Very Cool. Michael Halfhill is Dreamspinner Press’s 99¢ Author This Weekend


For some reason I have not read Michael Halfhill yet. I have been meaning to, wanting to, especially Whatever Happened to Jan Phillips? Well now I have no excuse and that makes me very happy!

This is what his profile says about him….

After building a 37-year career in analytical science with the DuPont Company, Michael retired in 2001. In 2002, after a year of hectic boredom, he produced the first of three novels. What began as a distraction has become a passion. Michael Halfhill was born in West Virginia, just as World War II in Europe was coming to an end. After high school came college at the University of Baltimore and then a stint in the US Army. Michael has traveled widely in the USA, Europe, Central America, and Asia. Michael currently lives in northern Delaware. When he’s not writing, Michael, along with his longtime partner Peter, shows borzoi at local AKC dog shows.

I’ve never met him. Now I sure do!

Just check these blurbs….


Eighteen-year-old Jan Phillips is down and out, hustling johns in Philadelphia’s Tenderloin District, when he catches the eye of Tim Morris, a powerful lawyer with ties to a secret organization. Against his better judgment, Jan is soon caught up in a web of intrigue that will change his life forever—or end it prematurely.

It’s 4:00 a.m., and the phone is ringing. Waking from an uneasy sleep, Jan answers and in so doing allows two strangers into his life. One is a victim of a heinous crime, a man to whom Jan feels an instant connection. The other is a deadly enemy. Their appearance will lead to murder—and the first plight Jan faces as Master of the Mundus Society.

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What do three sons—one murdered by Iraqi terrorists, one who lost his mother in a fire, and one involved with an underworld sex ring—have to do with Jan Phillips?

Two sons bring fear and death, forcing Jan to wield the awesome power of his office as the North American head of Mundus, a sub rosa organization with roots in the ancient order of the Knights Templar. The other son threatens Jan’s life and the world he shares with Michael Lin, his partner of twelve years.

As Jan struggles to survive another man’s quest for revenge, the love of fathers for their sons is the only constant among shattered lives, despoiled love, and an unknown yearning for family.

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Helki and Igashu, friends and constant companions since childhood, will soon perform the tribal ritual of the Bow and the Basket.

Choosing the basket means living a domestic life, to be a Two-Spirit, a lover of men. To choose the bow means becoming a provider, the head of the family, and a warrior, if war should come.

Both are worthy choices, but for Igashu, his father’s sole surviving son, the obligation to lead his family after his father’s death presses heavily on his heart. Yet if Helki and Igashu choose different paths, their love may not survive.

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I hope you don’t miss these great deals! Three books for only $2.97!

B.G. Thomas

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