Six Days Until Midwest Men’s Festival


Yesterday was a rough one but I made it! The Evil Team Leader was especially evil but I just kept thinking of all the sunflowers at Camp Gaea. And the lake. The big yellow lotuses. I thought about the blackberries that are probably just right for picking and will be wonderful in one of Baker Greg’s desserts. I thought of hunting for fresh edible mushrooms it the deep shadows of the trees with Burr-an expert mushroom hunter. I thought of the Faery Mother Goose and his fabulous Know Talent Shows. I thought about Texas Bill and our amazing annual shift as Gate Keepers and the catching up we will do. I thought about Daddy Dean and Cam and Lead Foot. I thought about Super Gem and Silver Fox and massages and laughter and dancing and late night movies. I thought about Clarity and Javier and Knotty Scotty (and how Sarah Jane as adopted him as part of the pack). I thought of Sundog and midnight swims. I thought of Mark (“Oh! You’re that Mark!!) and his wisdom. I thought of Green Man. I thought about cuddling with my brothers and Queer Kisses and how amazing they are.

I thought of love.

I thought of so many people and how I cannot wait to see them. ..

Today is day three of the six-day stretch of enforced overtime, but whenever something awful threatens I will think on these things and I will smile and my heart will quicken and I know that paradise, Brigadoon, K’un-Lun, and Shangri-La are waiting right around the bend.

And I know all is right in the world. And that the Universe is Unfolding just as it should.

Gentle Ben

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