Four Days Until Midwest Men’s Festival


Four days until Midwest Men’s Festival and thank every god that ever existed or was created. Thank the faeries and the Queer Ones too! Thank the Universe!

Yesterday was pretty rough. The Evil Team Lead was in rare form and I wasn’t at my best—at first. I got better. I kept thinking that I couldn’t let him get to me and make me other than the real and genuine loving person that I am. The supervisor came by and I couldn’t help but complain and she lectured me on not letting him get to me and I couldn’t help but wonder why she lets him do what he does! And then something else happened. I not only found out that we probably will be working every single day of that overtime. That it won’t finish even a day early. But that when I get back I am going to cover for someone else’s vacation and have another six-day week! Oh the despair that threatened to overwhelm me!

And then I read some wonderful advice from a reader and it was such a blessing!

It lifted my whole day! And there was a good nine hours left at that point!

He said that when I was at Festival I would be with like-minded friends and happy for a while. And that kind of shocked me. Because one thing I know about myself is that I am a pretty happy person. People know that about me. But I guess he didn’t. Maye I need to truly act that way again! Then he reminded me that I am a published author and that maybe I could teach others to write. He mentioned my love of coffee and suggested I go work someplace like Starbucks. He was reminding me of what I already knew but have sort of forgot these past very very rough months.

That the Universe conspires for my own good. And you know what else? It does so even when I’m not cooperating.

I believe this: At first the Universe nudges you lightly, then harder and harder and harder. Until it has to use the Cosmic Two by Four!

For years I’ve wondered what lesson I was supposed to be learning from the Evil Team Leader—a bully, a creep, an undereducated cruel man…. Because if you don’t learn that lesson you will keep bumping into “that person” no matter where you go. Until you learn the lesson the Universe wanted you to learn.

But what if…. What if….? What if the lesson I was supposed to learning was to GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE!?

What if the Universe was making it harder and harder and more and more miserable so I would finally LEAVE?

I’ve been a quitter and I didn’t want to be a quitter again.

But what if I was supposed to get make like a shepherd and get the flock out of there?

But I was too afraid!

And then it HIT ME!!!!

Oh. My. God!

I put up with an Evil Husband for ten years. The first five were good and then the relationship turned horrible and destructive and soul sucking and dream crushing. And finally finally finally I dumped him. I cast him out. I wiped the dust from my feet and turned my back. And within months I met Raymond and my life was so much better!

How long have I know my job was *not* the job for me? Well I think it was about five years now….

I put up with this job for ten years. The first five were good and then it turned horrible and destructive and soul sucking and dream crushing. And maybe finally finally finally it is time I dumped it! I cast it out. I wipe the dust from my feet and turn my back. And I bet that within months all that I need will be there and I will wonder what the hell took me so long!

Five days until Men’s Festival! Ten + days to be at peace and with my loving Faerie brothers and to hold and be held and to chant and sing and swim and love and be loved.

And get the strength to do what must be done!

And to leap…and let the net appear!

There has been something that I have noticed these past few weeks. These past two very rough weeks. Strangely, the magick in my life is coming back. It a word here. A few more there. It odd “coincidences.” I am hearing that “Still small voice” again. It’s been there all along of course. I just wasn’t hearing it.

Well I am now. More and more and more each day.

And sooner than I can imagine, I will be caught up in the chorus. And all my dreams will have come true!

And so it is!
Peace and Love,
Gentle Ben

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