Three Days Until Midwest Men’s Festival


One of the things I love so much at MMF are the nights. We are far enough from Kansas City that it is but a dim glow on one horizon and the sky is full of stars, stars, stars. You can see the belt of the Milky Way.

But maybe not this year! This year on the first night of Festival and we may do a lovely ritual on the beach to the lake under the light of the moon.

It was one of my very first nights at Camp Gaea, if not *the* first, that I saw and understood why ancient man could have worshipped the moon.

That night it was magickal! I could scarcely believe what I was seeing. It looked HUGE! I was standing in a great grassy area and suddenly I found myself dancing, glorying creation and the moon and the Universe and…me!

It was very, very powerful.

I was getting afraid to go to Festival. I’ve gained all of the weight I lost and who wants to go skinny dipping in the lake looking like that?

But then I remembered my book Summer Lover and what Scott went through. And two wonderful Faeries, Dommie Dearest and Lula Belle, wrote me letters that might as well have been love letters for al they contained. They love me for me.

It is nice to get the kindess and love back.

So I prepare for Men’s Festival and I know this will be the best ever.

And I will be a part of it.

Because I am a part of it.

And my Evil Day Job means nothing.

In fact it isn’t even “Evil.”

It is nothing.

Nothing at all.

There is only One Life. That Life is Perfect. That Life is God’s Life. That Life is My Life now.
And so it is,
Gentle Ben

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