One Day Until I Leave for Midwest Men’s Festival


I have to get through this day of work and then it is over for two weeks! And that two weeks will be filled almost entirely for one of two the most important events of my years—the second one being the Dreamspinner Press workshop.

Men’s Festival and Dreamspinner Press are my two tribes.

One is my Faerie tribe. There are few people who understand me better than these men. My heart. My soul. My path. My spirituality. It is not the same as these men’s, but so similar. The wonderful essence of this is that these different paths are similar, and weave together to make a beautiful tapestry, a gorgeous shall to fall over our shoulders and protect us. It is a place that I can even be literally naked and I am not judged by my weight or other things.

One tribe is my writing tribe. There are few people who understand me better than these men and women and undecideds. My mind. My dreams. My wishes and desires. People who totally understand the characters in my head—and don’t think I am crazy.

The great thing about MMF over the DSP Workshop is that it is so long! Ten days officially. Twelve the way I do it (and others as well) and why I say MMF is one day away instead of its official three days away.

Soon I will be meditating under green trees, sitting on green soft moss, birds singing around me…. Soon I will be waking in a cabin without Internet connection. Soon I will be sharing with Faerie brothers. Soon I will be swimming under the sun and the stars. Soon I will kiss men, because we can—Queer Kiss. Soon I will cast aside the Real World and life the fantasy.


Soon I will take the Red Pill and cast away the “Fantasy World” and embrace the Real World!

See what makes it so powerful for me is this:

When I go to just about any of the events I’ve gone to all my life—science fiction conventions, Buddhist retreats, GRL, Comic cons, the Dreamspinner Press workshop—are three to four days. The first day of the event starts around noon—which is usually Thursday or Friday—and the last is usually Sunday—again around noon. I find I really hit the groove around Saturday afternoon or evening if it is three days. Which means I have an evening and a half day left.

But with Men’s Festival, about the time I really start to groove, there is still ten days left! Soon I am not even sure what day it is and rarely know the time. We go by this large bell that is rung to let us know when it is time for lunch or Circle or dinner. Time…melts away. It is what is so totally relaxing about MMF. One of the things I love the most about it.

It is why I stay all the way to the end. It is why I would quit a job that prevented me from going. It is why I have.

Today I head into work…but at this point they aren’t sure if I am coming or not. I like that. I like that they don’t know. Because when I left Thursday…I was so tempted not to come back.

But while that goal is getting closer and closer and closer…I am not quite there yet.

Soon I will be living a Faerie Life every single day…and I practically am already. Soon I will be living a Writer Life every single day…I practically am already.

I can’t wait until it is official.

So here is my goal.

I believe that what we perceive, we receive. What we first ask for, then believe, we will receive.

This is what I was doing wrong: I was thinking that I want this Faerie/Writer’s Life. I was thinking that I was wanting it to happen. What I was perceiving and wanting was for it “to Happen” one day.

The Universe has given it to me in spades. It has been giving me that. It has been making sure that my dreams will come true…one day!

See the difference?

What I needed to be doing was knowing that it is true. I am a Faerie. I am a full time writer! See it. Know it. Perceive it. Believe it.

And then that is what the Universe will respond with!

So starting now!



And nothing can stop me!

And nothing can stop you from having everything you want.

Ask for it! Believe it! And the receive it my friends!

And then let’s dance!

And so it is!
Gentle Ben


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