So Today Is The Day I Head to Midwest Men’s Festival


Dear friends
Queer friends
Let me tell you how I am feeling
You have given me such pleasure
I love you so…

So today is the day that I head to Midwest Men’s Festival. And while it is not technically Men’s Festival until Tuesday, the magick will begin the instant we drive onto the Land. There is hardly any land more magick than at Camp Gaea.

As I write this I am barely packed. I am hoping that since we’ve packed so many times it will mostly go by rote. And it isn’t like a need that many clothes. A few shirts, a pair of shorts, a pair of jeans, some socks…the rest will be robes and sarongs all Festival long. I have to make sure that if the near impossible happens—and it has happened—that I am prepared for rain and a cold night or two.

We have bedding and almost everything we need in tubs and a stacked plastic drawer thingie.

I should have been packing for at least a week but but the Evil Day Job prevented that.

Next year!

This year I am counting on Faerie Magcik to make sure I have all I need.

And it isn’t like we won’t be shopping on the way there. We always stop at Walmart and take care of all kinds of stuff.

Oh my gosh! Soon! Soon! Soon! I will see so many men I can’t wait to see! So many!

And I just might dress up as a Sister again! Not sure! But maybe!

I know something very important is going to happen this year. Very important….

Let me share with you my dream….

I am going to get a Smart Car. I am going to drive all over the country with it. Going to meet people near and far. Going to drive to all kinds of events and stop and meet people, writers, readers and more. I will stop at places like Short Mountain—a haven for Radical Faeries—and different people’s houses. Some friends from online, some people I’ve read, some people I’ve met, some I haven’t.

People read on my Facebook that I am in their area and they say, “Hey Ben! Don’t worry about sleeping in your car or a Motel 6! Stay with me!” And I meet someone else and we talk late into the night and share secrets and dreams and they give me their favorite wine or cocktail and I learn more about someone else. And we teach each other all about The Secret.

And while I am on the road I write!

And when I get home Raymond grabs me and kisses me and says he missed me (but he is also happy that I have explored more).

I go to Florida a week with Elizabeth North and then keep driving and stay with Connie Bailey and then I drive up the coast and see more people like JP “Trish” Barnaby and Nessa Warin.

I stop and see Faeries all over the country too. Meet famous ones and new ones and see where my Men’s Festival brothers live in the “real world.” I go to Eureka Springs and stay with Domi Dearest and Super Gem and Silver Fox and so many other men.

I want this. I see this!

And I will write write write and when I am done with my various travels (only more or less) I will finally fix up my office and write about four to six novels a year and make enough money that I don’t have to worry about bills.

And then something amazing happens! One of my books somehow makes it onto the New York Times bestseller list just like books like The Celestine Prophecy that was originally self-published and changed the world—including my own.

Yes! With my writing a gay love story explodes just like Gordon Merrick’s books did back in the seventies. Gordon Merrick’s book The Lord Won’t Mind was the book that made me know I was gay. I read the first love making scene in that book (between two men of course) and it was like when the Mother Ship in Close Encounters of the Third Kind opens up and all that light flowrd out and I knew I was gay. It hurt me and it saved me.

I will write a book like that and help young men know it is okay to be gay.

And it all starts today.

It all starts as I pack and pack the car and drive to Camp Gaea and stop on the way and shop with Raymond and have lunch (lots of meat because I am about to do vegetarian for ten days!) and then I arrive on the land and the magick begins! The Secret begins.

What I percieve I receive.

I ask. I believe. I receive.

It is time!


How about you.

Join me?

And so it is.
Gentle Ben

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3 thoughts on “So Today Is The Day I Head to Midwest Men’s Festival

  1. dear Ben, you know that you have at least two friends in Oregon — CJane Elliott and moi. and I have a guest room. so if you manage to wend your way to this beautiful part of the world, you are always welcome!

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