Last Evening at Midwest Men’s Festival….

Because of how very tired and beat I was from all the overtime at work, I didn’t really hit my MMF stride until maybe Sunday or Monday night. I was sleeping so much before then that I missed a lot of Festival. I didn’t get all the conversation and catching up done I usually do. People have left in droves and I didn’t even get to say goodbye. So I am feeling a little melancholy today.

Despite all that, I still had a wonderful Festival and for the first time, when I leave here tomorrow, I don’t have to be at work the next day. Finally, a rare blessing of working the early week schedule. I will have two days to decompress before having to go back to the Evil Day Job. At least I finally know it’s not forever.

I drove all the way to one end of the property and managed to get cell phone connection so I could speak to my husband. That was nice.

Oh! I don’t think I mentioned that my reading went very well and I sold some books. The room was nearly empty and I asked “R” to get me something to drink and you know what that sweet man did? He told everyone he say that “Ben is about to start any second” and suddenly the room was filled. Or at least there was well over twenty people if not thirty. More than I had at GRL! It was so nice. So very very nice.

The meal tonight was good, it always is, but especially the last few years. We turn all the tables in the dining call around the perimeter of the room and sit one side of the tables—in other words we are all facing each other. And we do the food family style, as in passing and taking what we want and passing it on again. One of the true cooks takes over and somehow takes all the leftovers and works Faerie Magick and makes a mindbogglingly incredible meal. It is sweet and a nice way of saying goodbye to everyone who stuck around.

I finally got to spend several long hours at the lake tonight and figure I got some sun. Usually by now I am as brown as a nut, but not this year. But I did get some color and that will be more apparent tomorrow. Tonight two guys are hosting a little fire down by their cabin—one last bit of socializing. That will be good.

R took almost everything home so I have little to pack up. The sarongs are condensed down to two lines, I will probably make like a shepherd and get the flock out of here rather early tomorrow so I don’t have to do the hugging and weeping. Just go!

It does make me feel good though knowing that next year I won’t be working horrible hours. I will probably be working a part time job at most, and maybe not that. Or if I do, I know that even that will soon be a part of the past. The magick is happening already.

And soon magick is all I am going to know!

Love and Namaste,


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