MidAmericon II; the 74th World Science Fiction Convention


So I am getting ready to head out to WorldCon and I am really excited. Not only because this is the first time that the WorldCon is in Kansas City in a very long time—forty years—but it is also my first WorldCon in over twenty-five years. Can’t figure out why, it’s just true.

My first was in Chicago, where I lived at the time. It is also where I met the woman who would become the mother of my daughter. Long story. Another time. My second WorldCon was Anaheim, CA—if I remember right. Then New Orleans in 1988 and then Boston in ’89. I don’t think I made any other WorldCons.

WorldCon is pretty amazing. For a convention of its kind, it is simply huge. They get around five thousand attendees and it is where the prestigious Hugo Awards are given for best novel, novella, short story, etc.

So when I found out it was going to be in Kansas City this year? Well how could I not go? And I am also truly excited because Dreamspinner Press has a table. Especially with their imprint DSP Publications, they are publishing truly great gay science fiction and fantasy. Thus they are going to the biggest Science Fiction and Fantasy convention to make sure people know. DSPP is publishing some truly awesome books and if you haven’t checked them out, I highly advise that you do.

I made it clear that I would be more than willing to man the table and was thrilled to find out that Anne Reagan was going to be there. I adore Anne. She bought some of my very first submissions and she was my co-editor for the first anthology I was co-in-charge of, A Taste of Honey.

We love to see each other and chat and catch up. The thing is, the events we are at, there are something like 100 to 400 other authors and readers and we never really get to spend quality time together. We’ve wanted to get to know each other better. But even a meal means there are like four to ten other people at the table, and with the rest of the weekend crammed with panels and classes and such, we’ve never gotten the time we wanted. So image how happy I was to know that we would get a lot of time manning the table together!

But then I got another thrill. Huge one! I found out just days ago that Elizabeth North, publisher of Dreamspinner Press will also be there! I nearly shouted for joy and ran to the breakroom at work (the dismal place I discover this awesome news) and did the Snoopy Dance.

And then I found out that Amy Lane will be there a day or two (not sure how long).

But even though it is four of us, I will still have tons and tons of time, because—only four of us!

Plus I will be at WorldCon! I won’t be at the table all the time. There will be panels and the chance to see many famous authors.

I can’t imagine all that is in store for the next four days! All kinds of magick. And I bet my life will never be the same. I think total new directions will be mapped. And the final stages to leaving that dreaded Evil Day Job will finally be set in motion!

I mean really, what could be better than that!

I hope to see you there!

B.G. Thomas


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