Some Great Anthologies On Sale at Dreamspinner Press Right Now!


Well this is pretty cool. Dreamspinner Press has twelve anthologies on sale for only two dollars. I can hardly believe it. Two dollars! I know I am taking advantage of the sale. I mean there are some great names in these books.

Just look at some of these names…!

Angelia Sparrow, Ariel Tachna, B. Snow, Caitlin Ricci, Eli Easton, Eon de Beaumont, Eric Renner, Jane Seville, JL Merrow, Jon Inman, Kim Fielding, M.J. O’Shea, Pearl Love, Ryan Loveless, Venona Keyes, Xara X. Xanakas and Zahra Owen!

Oh! And me. A few of my very first stories are in these books. As a matter of fact, several authors that I bet you know and love got their start with short stories. I wonder how many of your new favorites will be found in these books?

How can you possibly go wrong?

And for those of you who say you don’t like short stories, I think if you take a two-dollar chance, you might find out you’ll be surprised and give the short story a new chance. There are stories that can’t be told in a noel. And they’re stories that need to be told.

So take a chance and hop on over to Dreamspinner Press right here:

You’ll be glad you did!

B.G. Thomas


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