So We Are Going Camping This Weekend!


So we are going camping this weekend and it’s a pretty significant event for us.

When we met, I was rediscovering how much I liked camping, and I did it with “R.” And finding things that I really liked was important. My ex, “D,” and I did all kinds of stuff together and going anywhere and doing anything smacked of B & D.

Finding “B” stuff was important. And then finding B & R stuff was pretty grand too. A new life. A new path. And a much more happy and vital life.

So we’d been camping out at Camp Gaea and we found out about this event called Laid Back Labor Day Weekend. The only thing was that it was the same weekend as something rather significant in R’s home town. It seems that it was the launching place of a very big deal balloon event. It was a big deal. This was huge! I think it is one of the biggest in the country. So we went to that instead. I mean there was basically a balloon launching from R’s backyard!

It was pretty cool and then…. Well, then it was over. Early on Saturday. And since it was a holiday weekend there was still two more days. So why not go to Laid Back? So on a whim, and R doesn’t do much of anything on a whim, we went. And had a BLAST! Understand we hadn’t been together a year at this point and we had such a good time we decided we were going to do it again. But more important than that, we were sitting in the dining hall at some point and looking through these photo albums someone had brought with him and saw it was from events over the years at Camp Gaea. And one of those photo albums was from Midwest Men’s Festival!

I was aware of MMF and had been trying to find it for years—with no luck. Now I knew where it was! We had just missed it, but we knew where it would be next year.

And planning on going back to Laid Back and going to MMF meant something. Yes. We were planning on doing it…together.

And so we’ve been going to LB for like 15 years. We aren’t going to miss it.

Now we have to come back early, because Work messed up and miscounted my vacation days and I don’t have enough days for the whole weekend. But we will still have a wonderful time! I cannot wait!

Sadly R is stressing out, but hopefully that will all smooth out. We are going to camp out of our van and that worked pretty well last year.

And my daughter is watching the house over the weekend so we don’t have to worry about that.

This year the theme is Luau. It is going to be fun. It’s a simple theme and one you don’t have to wear tons of clothes. I mean clown costumes (the Circus themed year) in the woods when it is 90˚ isn’t fun!

And I am also excited because my dear friends Alan and DaddyDean from MMF are going and they’ll be camping with us and we’ll be sharing meals! Going to be so much fun!

Yup! You make your own fun in this life. And that is what I will be doing this weekend.

I hope you will do that same!


PS: I should mention that this event is the major money making event that makes sure that Camp Gaea continues to exist. It paid off the land, it makes sure that everything operates, that there is a place to go, it pays for getting things fixed, repairs are made, and a place to be free. If not for Laid Back there might not be a Camp Gaea. Having a blast all weekend means we are making sure there is a Gaea. Not a bad deal!


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