So I Am One of the Writers That “Casts” His Characters….

What I mean by that is when I begin writing, I pick real people to “star” in my head as my characters. They might be a celebrity, or a friend, or an acquaintance, someone, it doesn’t matter. When I have pictures that I can look at while I am writing, they become even more real to me and words come to me that just don’t come any other way.

In the case of Wyatt Dolan, I knew who he would be for a very long time. Physically and character wise.

But in the case of the physical-ness, I only knew I had found some pictures of a truly gorgeous man, but I wasn’t sure who he was. There was no way for me to contact him and see if my cover artist, the incomparable Paul Richmond, could draw his likeness.

But then, after two years, there was a happy accident and I quite suddenly found him online. His named was Ross Allen! Not only that, but he was a Facebook friend of Brandon Witt! So I talked to Brandon and he talked to Ross, and Ross friended me and gave me permission to use his likeness on the cover! I was so excited I jumped and hooted and did the Snoopy Dance. My husband came running upstairs to see what was going on and when I told him, he of course rolled his eyes and shook his head and went back down to his man cave. But he has since told me that he’s happy for me.

All Ross Allen wants is a copy of the book. I think I can do that, don’t you?


PS: As if you did’t already know, you can pre-order “Winter Heart” at Dreamspinner right now! CLICK HERE for the ebook or if you want, CLICK HERE for the paperback!

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2 thoughts on “So I Am One of the Writers That “Casts” His Characters….

  1. He is Gorgeous! I too like to have an Idea of my characters appearances.I can’t wait to read this one you know I have been waiting forever and ever! LOL

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