The First Review For “Winter Heart” Is In!!!

WOW! Just stumbled on the first review of Winter Heart on Goodreads, which from what I can see will be on the review site, Alpha Book Club, but isn’t yet. I am just stunned and brought to happy tears! WOW what a review!

4.5 stars

For ten years Wyatt was the only one amongst his intimate group of friends ( the fabulous four) who was in a relationship. Wyatt’s world fell apart 2 months ago, when his lover Howard, dumped him and kicked him out of the house they made a home. Heartbroken and alone, Wyatt moved into an empty house, (fab-four member Sloan, inherited from his mother) to lick his wounds and rebuild his life.

Like sands through the hourglass…

The minute I read this Days of Our Lives reference, Wyatt piqued my interest. I knew right away that this was a character that I wanted to get to know and boy did Wyatt, deliver. 🙂

Check your instant gratification at the door

Wyatt is what I call a 360 character. You know everything you never thought you’d care about. Why is Thomas imparting all this “unnecessary /filler” information about Wyatt. Why am I being bogged down with all this? Let’s get to the plot! Let’s get to know Kevin! I want Wyatt on that road to HEA so that I can sigh get misty eyed and move on to the next book. Thomas’ approach proved to be the wise and accurate choice. If he did what I expected, Wyatt, would have been just another character from another book that I would vaguely remember. The information I thought “filler” was in fact, writing gold. I know Wyatt. Knowing Wyatt so intimately, being that deeply entrenched in his psyche is not something I’ve experienced with a vast majority of mm characters. The “filler” made me care about Wyatt’s friends, made it easy to understand the bonds of friendship these men share that to some degree transcends the relationships shared between their respective blood and kin.

I know I didn’t go in depth about the plot. I know I didn’t discuss the romance. I did this on purpose. The blurb summarizes the book perfectly. I also think this is a journey you should experience solely through Wyatt’s lens. The treasure in this story is Wyatt. I got an unfiltered look into his heart and what I saw is unforgettably beautiful.

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