(Late Night) Thoughts of a Gay Man

So it’s very late and I am thinking some of those “gay” thoughts. I’ve come up with a lot of them since I discovered Midwest Men’s Festival and since I started writing gay romances.

My theory is that gay men think differently than non-gay, non-males.

For instance, for many, many years the reason I thought that the reason I liked women so darned much was that gay men were more like females than straight males.

I think I have discovered that isn’t true. I think I’ve discovered we are more like straight men than we thought.

Think about it. Straight men obviously like women! But because so many straight men have made women feel that the only thing they want is sex, and not love, women can be shy around them (please note that I cannot speak for women–this is all theory). But women know that gay men aren’t trying to get into their panties, so the friendships abound. However….

However, that doesn’t mean gay men don’t want to get laid just as much as straight men! We just want in a man’s pants!

Quite a few years ago I was getting drunk with some straight men who pretty much accepted me and we were talking about sex (which is what men do). We were at a bar and we were talking and scoping and lusting and comparing and quite suddenly one of my drinking companions sort of gasped and said something like….

Him: “OMG!”

Me: “What?”

Him: “You’re a guy!

Me: (confused) What did you think?

Him: I think I thought you were kinda a woman with a penis. But you talk about guys and look at guys just like we look at and talk about women!

That really got me thinking….

Now it is very late (although I won’t post this to Facebook until a bright and sunny morning) so I am just going to stop here with an example.

I first saw this video posted so that readers will think, “Oh gross!” And get “Eeewww” face. And lots of eye rolls. At least that was the intent of the person who had posted it. And wasn’t I supposed to agree that what a lot of men do even in public (especially in public?) is disgusting?

But since I’m a “guy” as I was dubbed by that straight man so long ago I must admit that I didn’t have any of these reactions. I got turned on. And I get turned on when I see it in real life.

So tell me, share your opinion…. I want to know! Gay men! Straight men! Women, lesbian or straight. I would love to know what you think.

And what I really want to know is this: Is this commercial hot or gross?

Does spotting a man who is “adjusting his set” a gross out or a sexy voyeuristic experience?

Hugs and love!










5 thoughts on “(Late Night) Thoughts of a Gay Man

  1. I saw this a lot while watching the baseball playoffs (mostly batters and pitchers) and it just made me wonder what it feels like to “pop a woody”. It has to be uncomfortable and require some “adjustment” no matter when it happens. Does not bother me at all..just inspires curiosity.

  2. Is it really any different than when I adjust my bra strap/s? Or even readjust my breasts in my bra? I think we all have body parts that just don’t stay where we originally put them. Is it gross? Well, I’d try not to do it in front of a large crowd. But around friends or even my favorite local cafe? Who cares? Not me.

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