On A Happy Note…Dreamspinner Press’s Entire Store is 30% Off!


That’s right! The entire store. This means paperbacks as well as ebooks. Hey! Maybe you were thinking of buying the Seasons of Love books in paperback? Now is your chance. Do not miss out!

Find that entire Dreamspinner Press store by clicking RIGHT HERE.
And if want Seasons of Love, the click RIGHT HERE!! 🙂
If it’s the paperbacks you’re interested in, click on the individual book and then click on paperback (because it is the ebook that automatically pops up)


Also remember that my newest novel, Winter Heart, is up for Book of the Month at the prestegious blog Love Bytes. Head on over there and vote. It’s an election that makes me feel a little better today. And I hope an election result that will make me smile! LOL! 🙂
(seriously though, vote for the book you think deserves to win!)

If you want to vote for Book of the Month at Love Bytes, the click RIGHT HERE.

Meanwhile, stiff upper lip, smile, this day is not the end of the world. Love wins and will prevail no matter what. And as my dear editor said, “Keep writing, Ben. We’re going to need romance more than ever!”



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