“Mamma Mia” B.G. Thomas and Husband Style — Again!

Hey! I am very, very pleased to post another version of the act my husband and I did recently at a local science fiction convention! This one is further back, no closeups, but it has the whole act! And the introduction! I am so happy!

Each year at the science fiction convention known as Contraception, they have a Vaudeville show and it is a blast. Part of that is having an emcee–the last several years that has been the wonderful writer, Selina Rosen. Each year the emcee has a “Vanna.” It is Vanna’s job to write the names of the acts on the dry erase board and to be someone the emcee can play off.

This year, for the first time, we had two Vannas in one. And since the theme was “Freakshow,” the hubby and I were co-joined bearded ladies.

This song is the Glee version and all copyrights go to them and of course ABBA. No intention of interfering with that!


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