I Am So Thankful for More Than Enough Food


I am so grateful that I have always had more than enough food.

Once, and only once, for maybe a week, did I worry about having enough food. That’s it. In my entire life. There are people starving out there.

My husband and I helped make Thanksgiving dinner this year. We’ve been doing it alone for years, and with as many Thanksgivings as I’ve had to work, R has made it alone. So why should my mother, who has spent night and day watching over her husband who had a stroke this past year, have to do it alone? And she did plenty believe me! R and I made the turkey and I did the stuffing (which was mindbogglingly good if I do say so myself), but there was also mashed potatoes (real) and gravy, green bean casserole, creamed corn (home made and my gosh I’ve never had anything so good), deviled eggs, cranberry sauce, cream cheese salad (OMGosh!) and of course rolls. Not to mention four kinds of pie! Pumpkin (the regular kind), layered pumpkin pie (a wonderful specialty of my mother’s) , chocolate pudding pie and the Amish pies R and I brought, gooseberry pies (wow!) and four or four different kinds of cookies she made.

It was me, my husband, my daughter, Mom, her husband, and his sister.

It was all wonderful and I liked the sister, Virginia, a lot!

I took a little nap from all that food and now I am up and here in just a bit we are going to watch Captain America; Civil War. Mom loves it when either I or my brother watch Marvel movies with her because she doesn’t always understand all that is going on and we can run commentary for her.

And there is so much food! In this world where people are starving.

Sometimes (most of the time?) it is what we have so very much of, or what we never even think about, that we (me, I will speak for me) forget to be thankful for.

So today, through my whole meal, as I was eating, this is what I did.

1) Thought about what I was eating and enjoyed it. Really enjoyed what I was eating instead of just shoveling it in like coal into a furnace.

2) Stayed conscious of how grateful and blessed I was to have such a big wonderful complete meal when I happen to know there are people who considered themselves lucky to have a Swanson’s turkey TV dinner meal.

3) Stayed conscious over the fact that I had loving family to eat with.

4) Was blessed to not only have a husband, but one who drove us all the way to Arkansas to see my Mom, who helped cook, and was kind enough to do one of the worse Thanksgiving jobs; cut all the leftover turkey off the carcass so my mom didn’t have to.

What a Thanksgiving.

Today I am thankful for the big and small—more than enough to eat. And to have had such a wonderful Thanksgiving meal!

Thank You Universe,
Ben aka BG Thomas



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