Thankful for My Personal Family; The One I’ve Helped Create

I am so thankful for the family I have helped create. Of course that means my daughter Jayli, but it is also the family. The “village.” The safe harbor against a world that can be dark and cold.

There is the “head” of this family, the man who came to find me, who chose me, and who I chose in return. The man who married me on November 5th, 2005, even thought we couldn’t get “legally” married at the time. It was a public ceremony, announcing to one and all, friends, neighbors, strangers, hotel staff that wandered by, the world, that we were marrying each other. In the old way. The way that mattered since the cave man days. No piece of paper was needed.

Then we legally married on June 30th, 2015, by telling the world we respected the opportunity that we had been (finally) given and chose to tell the legal system that we were married! I cry on both days. Happy tears of course.

I am so thankful for this man.

And then there are the dogs.

I am thankful for Sarah Jane and Oliver

I am a dog person. I like other people’s cats a lot. But I like dogs. No. Love them.

I love these creatures, the most successful and amazing genetic experiment in all of human history. One that until about a hundred years ago was more or less a happy mistake.

Dogs are unique in the way that they have been companions to humans for thousands of years. Wolves that will associate with humans have been shown to prefer the company of wolves. Dogs on the other hand, even dogs that might have been pack dogs, prefer and/or come to prefer the company of humans. Dogs depend on us. They do better with us. The same way a lot of us do better with dogs.

That is certainly true of my dogs, Sarah Jane and Oliver. In many ways Sarah is “my” dog (I almost feel that she is my familiar) and Oliver is my husbands. I found SJ and he found Oliver. They in many ways bonded to the founder. But that is not entirely true and a big part of that is that R is a cat person and I am a dog person and so Oliver has become my buddy and friend in so many ways.

R has teased/groused that I love Sarah more than I do him. I told him that when he meets me at the door each day wagging his butt and crying in utter joy that I am home, then I will love him more than the dogs!

And of course he is my man. R, not Oliver. He is my companion and my protector and partner.

I am so thankful for this amazing and wonderful family.

With them I am even more complete.

Ben aka B.G.



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