New Feature: Furry Fridays


I have always been attracted to men with beards. Facial hair of any kind is an immediate plus. If you are talking to me sometime and you see my head do the Regan-thing from The Exorcist? Chances are I just saw some hot man with a beard walk by. Sorry! I am still listening! Mostly. Really.

I wish more women liked facial hair. Every guy on the cover of every one of my books would have a beard! LOL! Covers sell books and sadly, clean-shaven outsells scruffy. *sad sigh*

Anyhow, as some of you might know I am playing with my beard right now. I have always had one, although it has usually been kept quite short. But now? Now I am really going to let it grow. Experiment. See what happens. All these sexy bearded men are giving me advice on how to do it. See last time I tried by beard got rougher and rougher and curly and grew off to one side believe it or not. Turns out you’re supposed to do more than just wash it. Or a lot of men with fabulous beards say so anyway. Beard oils and balms and certain kinds of brushes. These men are serious about their beards. As my friend Kenya says, their beards are like their child!

In my quest to see about this “taking care of the beard” several men have not only given me great advice, several are in business for themselves with beard care products and are sending me products for free to try out! Wow! Once again, the Universe Happily helps me out. I was thinking thinking thinking about all this and what we conceive and believe, we receive.

I am very excited about all this. I might just go crazy with this beard. Have you noticed that the models on billboards and in magazines are starting to have really huge beards? I think it’s hot and I don’t know if a man my age with my belly will look “hot,” I am going to give it the college try. Why not? I can always shave it.

In the meantime, I am going to start celebrating the men I think are hot. Furry men! Bearded men! Thick beards, trimmed beards, full beards, goatees and more. Men of all ages.

Friday is now Furry Friday! I don’t know I will always post pictures of hirsute men every single Friday. There is overtime and deadlines and vacations and wandering memory to contend with. But I am going to try! Watch out. Here at my blog at least, in case I don’t always link my posts to Facebook.

Let me know what you think of my choice in men. And feel free to send me pictures you’ve found. And I will be very happy if they are pictures of you and your beard or the beards of men you love in your real life. This could be fun!

Happy Furry Friday!
BG “Ben” Thomas




Rodrigo Negrini

Anthony Varrecchia

Chris Salvatore


4 thoughts on “New Feature: Furry Fridays

  1. I like bearded man but I like them short and well kept.. I also like older men with bellies and I prefer a hair chest man. some hot photos you have there,

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