Where Do You Watch Television?

Hey Everybody! Question. Two ladies at work told me how they like to lay around in bed all day watching TV. That surprised me. I’ll lay/sit on my couch all day and watch TV. But not in bed. They said I’m crazy, that everybody does that. Really? How about you? On a lazy day, is it your living room/den? Or the bedroom? I want to know!


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Loving you!


3 thoughts on “Where Do You Watch Television?

  1. Wow I’m as surprised as you are by how many people watch TV in bed during the daytime. It’s the couch for me during the day and the bed at night,I let the tv put me to sleep😴

  2. When I watch tv, which is very seldom, it’s always in the living room in my favorite chair (with the cats on my lap)

  3. I don’t watch Much TV but it is in the living room In my recliner with my cat and crocheting as a watch. We do not have a TV in the bedroom.

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