Furry Friday: starring Jeffrey Buoncristiano


So there I am, trying to decide whether I want to try and really grow a beard. I am looking at pictures online and finding Facebook pages dedicated to beards and giving beard growing advice and I stumble upon some YouTube videos by a smoking’ hot man named Jeffrey Buoncristiano. The advice seemed good and I starting trying it and I was also looking up this Buoncristiano guy.

A few years ago, no one had heard of Jeffrey Buoncristiano. Here he is about that time by the way….


As the story goes, there was a breakup and he reacted by not shaving for awhile. “I got all depressed and since I’m a freelancer, I wasn’t working,” he said. “I sat around and I didn’t shave.”

But then something began to happen. “At some point I looked in the mirror,” Buoncristiano said, “and with the beard staring at me, I uttered, ‘Oh, there’s my face.’ And I mean that in a deeper way. Like, oh, this is me. I like this, knowing who I am.”


He began to post pics of his progress on Reddit where more and more people began to take notice. “I’d find pictures of me on Pinterest.” And then Rachel Zarrell, who used to be a correspondent at the Globe, wrote a BuzzFeed story about him called, “This Man Got Stupidly Hot After He Spent a Year Growing a Beard.” And bam, he was a star. “Obviously, I love attention,” he said. And why not?

Since then remarkable things began to happen for him. He reached out to YouTube channel Beardbrand and made an agreement to step in front of the camer and to quote Elite Daily, he “has become an online beard guru. He regularly posts advice within beard-themed subreddits and even makes videos for YouTube channel, Beardbrand. In addition to coaching the men of the Internet in their attempts to look like lumberjacks, Buoncristiano also runs an Instagram packed with stylish shots proving that scruffiness never goes out of style.”


Maxim says, “Buoncristiano is an unimpressive 5’6’’ and good looking enough, but he’s got a beard that stands out: It’s wild, thick, almost mane-like and maybe a foot long itself. It’s a star.”

Jimmy Niggles, a legendary beard model who was looking for models for a coffee table book devoted to the world’s best facial bushes. Buoncristiano was only too happy to sit for a portrait by one of his photographer buddies, Symon Chow.


In the online The Beard Mag Buoncristiano says, “I don’t think trying ride another persons look is helpful. I think one of the best things about beards, is that they are unique to each person. There is always some way to make YOUR beard look ITS best. Some people look killer with a long beard, some people look equally sharp with a short beard. I think it all depends on taste and working with how yours grows. Think more of being inspired by others beard shapes and styles instead of copying.”

I mean, come on. Look at this? Is there any question which way he looks hotter?


I reached out to Jeffrey and asked if I could talk about him here and post some of his pictures and he said, “Sure, whatever you want.” Sadly, he is straight, so it couldn’t be whatever I wanted, but I could feature him here. And that is where this week’s Furry Friday comes from! You’re my hero Mr. Buoncristiano. And thanks for the beard tips!

He posts pictures HERE on Instagram.

Namaste, and enjoy!
BG “Ben” Thomas





























4 thoughts on “Furry Friday: starring Jeffrey Buoncristiano

    • Thanks Marilyn. I have a request for rock stars and now silver foxes. If you don’t see them in the next few weeks, feel free to nudge me!

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