Today is the Day! Release Day for “Do You Trust Me?”

So today is the day. This is it! The official release (or re-release) day for Do You Trust Me? And I hope you will trust me and run out and buy my new book. 🙂

Here is the blurb for Do You Trust Me?

The path to happiness starts with acceptance, and sometimes the chance for a bright, loving future means letting go of the past.

All his life, Neil Baxter has buried a large part of himself—the part that’s attracted to other men. He married a woman and denied that side of him existed. And he plans to keep right on pretending to be straight after his beloved wife has passed away.

To help him deal with his grief, Neil’s sister-in-law convinces him to vacation at a dude ranch. There, Neil meets Cole Thompson, a young, gorgeous, unabashedly gay wrangler—who is unabashedly attracted to Neil. And try as he might, Neil cannot deny he feels the same way. But desire soon becomes something more profound as the two men get to know each other. Cole is much more than a sexy cowboy: he’s kind, spiritual, and intelligent. In fact, he’s perfect for Neil… except he’s a man, and Neil isn’t ready to let go of a lifetime of denial. If he cannot find the courage to be true to himself, he might let something wonderful slip through his fingers.

The blog tour also continues over at TTC Books & More, and I was very pleased to see it included a very nice review! You can read it by Clicking Right Here

Then I talk about being called a romantic and coming out later in life at Love Byte Reviews and you can read that by Clicking Right Here

Thanks always for reading my words!
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BG “Ben” Thomas

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